Christopher Reeve (as Clark Kent/Superman) and director Richard Donner on the set of "Superman: The Movie." Photo courtesy of Warner Media

‘Superman: The Movie’ Director Richard Donner dies at 91

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Legendary American director and producer of film and television, and occasional comic-book writer, Richard Donner, has died. He was 91.

Responsible for famous flicks like “Superman: The Movie,” “The Goonies” and more, Donner lived his life chasing his passion while bringing iconic unforgettable stories to life.

After directing the hit horror film “The Omen,” Donner rose to fame for spearheading the first modern superhero blockbuster that convinced the planet a man could fly.

“Superman,” starring Christopher Reeve in the title role, continues to inspire to this day.

Richard Donner, 1930 – 2021.

Donner, or Richard Donald Schwartzberg, was born in the Bronx, New York, to Jewish parents Hattie and Fred Schwartzberg on April 24, 1930.

In 1985, Donner married his spouse and future production partner Lauren Diane Shuler Donner.

Besides directing, donner also executive produced other super classics. Namely the 2000 Marvel Comics film “X-Men” and the 2009 X-Men prequel, “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.” Donner’s wife has also produced all of the films in the X-Men film series under their Donners’ Company brand.

In October 2006, Donner, along with Geoff Johns and artist Adam Kubert became the creative team on DC’s “Action Comics,” creating stories “Last Son” and “Escape from Bizarro World.” Donner also co-wrote a story for Action Comics no. 1000, released in April 2018.

Donner helped inspire generations. May he rest in peace.

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