Ray Fisher speaking at the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con International in San Diego, California. Photo by Gage Skidmore

Ray Fisher and Ja-Ron’s ‘BorgLife’ gets a trademark

Ray Fisher has officially trademarked the term "BorgLife."

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Ever since the San Diego Comic Con back in 2016, where Ray Fisher made his first appearance as the actor playing the role of Victor Stone / Cyborg in “Justice League,” he has been seen wearing a T-shirt with the words “Borg Life” printed on it. 

We’ve seen him wear it often. Ray Fisher really Connects to the role of Cyborg and Victor Stone on a personal level because, back in the day when “Justice League” was being written by Director Zack Snyder and Writer Chris Terrio, they invited him to the creators round table to write this story in a way that would inspire not only the character, but people all over world, especially the Black community.

Created by Ja-Ron and Ray Fisher, the BorgLife™ Campaigns for ink to the people will feature a different colored T-shirt (Or other merch) every month, with proceeds going to different charities around the world. 

When Asked at Asia Pop comic con as to what it means when he says the term “BorgLife,” Ray Replied, “Borg Life is the ability to take the negative situations in your life and turn it into something positive and help other people.”

“Borg Life is the ability to take the negative situations in your life and turn it into something positive and help other people”

Ray Fisher

When asked about Cyborg and his importance as a character, Ray replied by saying, 

“Cyborg’s gone through a lot — a lot of trauma, a lot of issues — but instead of spending time allowing those have the potential to drag him down and turn him into a bad guy, he doesn’t, I think he’s not the strongest of heroes because of his superpowers, I think the greatest asset that he has is his heart,” Fisher said. “Cyborg’s one of the smartest characters of any comic — in any comic generation. The technology in him is other-dimensional, otherworldly. But it wasn’t easy trying to rebuild himself mentally, at the same pace his father tried to rebuild him physically.”

Even though We never got to see Ray Shine as his true hero until 2021, Ray still continued to promote his cause via the BorgLife t-shirt, initially raising money for American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. 

As of now, Ray Fisher has officially trademarked the term “BorgLife,” and the purpose being for the fundraising services by means of organizing, arranging and conducting fundraising programs for the benefit of schools and non-profit organizations via T-shirts, Jackets, hats, shorts, socks, sweatpants and Sweatshirts. 

This trademark was first officially known to the public when Ray tweeted out  a fundraiser to raise money for “A Leg To Stand On” — a non-profit organization providing free orthopedic care to children with limb disabilities in the developing world.

Fans can participate in the fund raiser by purchasing “BorgLife” merchandise listed on the “Ink to the people” website.

The “A Leg To Stand On” campaign provides high quality continuous care until the age of 21 for all patients treated under ALTSO’s programs. Since 2003, their programs In Latin America , Asia and Africa have provided free orthopedic care to over 19,500 children in need.

Recently, Another Justice League actor, Wayne T Carr, who was reportedly supposed to play Green Lantern John Stewart in “Zack Snyder’s Justice League,” supported this campaign by purchasing his very own t-shirt. 

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