Superman travels to Japan for local cuisine

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Add being a foodie to the list of the many abilities Superman can do, along with being a superhero, a farmer, a family man and a journalist. 

That’s right, Superman is taking a break from fighting evil and will be traveling to restaurants throughout Japan, trying out some dishes while critiquing them in the manga “Superman vs. Meshi.” The news of the manga was announced on Comic Book Resources. 

The manga is going to be published by Kodansha, which is best known for the manga “Attack on Titan.” Satoshi Miyakawa, the creator behind the 2018 sci-fi anime “Uchuu Senkan Tiramisu,”  will be the writer for the manga while Kai Kitago will be the artist. Miyakawa is no stranger to the DC Comics Universe since he authored the manga “One Operation Joker” which centers around the Joker having to raise a baby Batman who has been de-aged by some chemicals after a battle with the Dark Knight.  

Meshi is a Japanese word for meal but it can also mean cooked rice or food. 

“Superman vs. Meshi” is set to be published in Kodansha’s magazine on June 22. However, DC Comics nor Kodansha have yet to announce when the English translation will be published. 

If you are a fan of Superman, and/or love Japanese cuisine, this is definitely the manga to read. What Japanese dishes would you like for the Man of Steel to try when he arrives in the Land of the Rising Sun? Let us know in the comments!

Brian Adigwu

Brian of Earth-16 is a podcaster for the Geek Talk with Brian of Earth-16 and a contributing writer/journalist for the Daily Planet. You can also hear Brian on the DC Comics Geeks Nation podcast. When not writing, Brian enjoys going to the world of comic books, TV shows, video games, and pro-wrestling. He also loves listening to other podcasts and having a philosophical conversation.

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