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First look at ‘The Flash’ film showcases a Batsuit of the past bloody and beaten

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“The Flash” Director Andy Muschietti has officially begun marketing for the upcoming solo installment film featuring Ezra Miller, who will once again suit up as the Scarlet Speedster, and it’s clear to see WB is going full force with the multiverse appeal. Keaton fans will be happy after this teaser. 

Due to the official confirmation, Michael Keaton is returning to the role that made him a superhero movie legend in the 1990s. The actor will once again don Batman‘s cape and cowl in the upcoming “The Flash” DCEU movie, which will reportedly see the Caped Crusader become a mentor to the much younger Barry Allen during a multiverse-spanning adventure.

We know very little about Batman’s role in the movie besides the rumors. Still, Director Andy Muschietti revealed earlier Friday on Instagram the classic Bat-suit from Batman: Returns (1992). He alluded to the notion that Keaton might don a familiar costume for the 2022 release. The classic logo was splattered with blood, but it does raise more questions than answers at the moment. 

Photo courtesy of DC comics

However, Keaton did appear in the costume alongside Miller in a new Flash suit showcased in concept art during last year’s DC FanDome. Of course, it does raise the notion of whether this confirms the actor will be de-aged to play this version of the Dark Knight, but it’s too early to tell and remains to be seen. 

Producer Barabara Muschietti (Andy’s sister) did confirm that ¼ of the film was already shot and did leave the indication that the upcoming movie will be grand in terms of storytelling and scale. 

Photo courtesy of DC comics

Andy Muschietti (“IT” [2017] and “IT: chapter 2” [2019]) will officially be in the director’s chair, with Christina Hodson penning the script. Ezra Miller and Ben Affleck will reprise their roles as Barry Allen and Bruce Wayne, and Kiersey Clemons is confirmed to be reprising her role as Iris West respectfully.

Michael Keaton will reprise his role as Batman from the established continuity of the Tim Burton films, while newcomer Sasha Calle will be portraying Supergirl for the first time in the DCEU.

“The Flash” is set to hit theaters Nov 4, 2022

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