Mad Cave Studios’ ‘Becstar’ makes its intergalactic debut

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Can you imagine traveling across the stars and possessing an artifact that can grant you so much luck in the universe? Can you also imagine getting too carried away with that luck to the point where it causes you more trouble than it is worth?

And even more so, getting dragged into a part of your past that you do not want to face?  That is the life of the titular character Becstar, a gambler and mercenary who possesses a powerful artifact called the Luck Dagger.

Joe Corallo’s “Becstar no. 1” is an intergalactic tale about a group of misfits that come together as unexpected heroes to save the universe from an evil man who wants to procure magical artifacts to become more powerful.

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And one of those misfits that starts that story off is Paprika, a young woman who has been entrusted with the Clairvoyance Rod by her friend, Turlough. The Clairvoyance Rod is an artifact that grants the ability to see into the future. Paprika is on the run after Turlough is murdered by an assassin sent by the villain Mordecai who wants the Clairyovance Rod. 

Before his death, Turlough advises Paprika to deliver the rod to Becstar, an old associate of his. Paprika goes to search for Becstar who had just gotten thrown out of a casino where she caused some trouble by trying to use her Lucky Dagger to get a free drink and stay at the establishment.

Becstar’s antics dismay and annoy Sally, her right-hand woman. While Mordecai’s men try to ambush Becstar and Sally to prevent them from getting the rod, Paprika saves them and tells her who she is and that she has the Clairvoyance Rod.  This is when the story really begins.

In addition to seeing how rambunctious Becstar is, we learn more about who she is through the eyes and perspective of Paprika.  Becstar, Turlough, and a woman named Anyssa were once a part of a mercenary group called “Ophiuchus” which was led by Mordecai. After the group had split, Becstar did not want to have anything to do with the former members or get entangled in their business.  

Courtesy of Mad Cave Studious

The mercenary group was tightnit and a force to be reckoned with. We also learn that Ophiuchus got carried away with power when each of its members took powerful artifacts from an ancient temple.Becstar took the Lucky Dagger, Turlough took the Clairvoyance Rod, Anyssa took the creation gauntlet (grants the power to creates things) and Mordecai took the Consumption Amulet (which absorbs energy).

Becstar’s group was hired by an unknown client to get the treasure but they took it for themselves and used the artifacts to get rich. However, the client took notice and sent other mercenaries after the group. Eventually, Ophiuchus’ decided to go their separate ways and never spoke to each other again. It is here that we see why Becstar does not want to get entangled with her former teammates. 

As Becstar and her companions set off on their journey to put a stop to Mordecai’s plans, the villain is already a step ahead of them when one of his assassins places a homing device on the mercenary’s ship. 

In addition to creating a story about a group of misfits who come together to go off into an adventure, Corallo has created characters who are very flamboyant. First, we have the titular character and the protagonist Becstar who is a gambler and mercenary who is a bit of an  independent loner and a nomad looking to gamble and drink.

Becstar is reluctant to take part in Paprika’s quest to get all the artifacts due to her past but is dragged in when Mordecai’s men are after her.  Second, Sally Soolin is the right-hand woman of Bectar who has to put up with her partner’s shenanigans and questions her own life choices. She is seen as the voice of reason and is the mature one of the group. Third, there is Paprika who, like the spice she is named after, adds flavor to the story and Becstar’s group. She is very animated and empathetic as shown she tried to convince Turlough to come with her when they were being attacked by Mordecai’s men and when she rescued Becstar and Sally. 

Courtesy of Mad Cave Studious

The illustrations done by Lorenzo Colangeli give “Becstar” several tones. In the first part of the story at Turlough’s Compound, lighter and warmer colors are used to indicate warmth and wisdom that Turlogh had granted to Paprika. One of my favorite panels of the scene is where Turlough places his hands on Paprika and entrusts her with the Clairvoyance Rod.

That scene reminds me of a father consoling his daughter by telling her that everything is going to be okay. The scene of Mordecai’s lair is ominous with the usage of shades and black and pale green colors.

The drawing of Mordecai as he is sitting at his throne reminds me of a dark spectre. Then, the drawings go back to a more lighter colors but they are more jovial and comedic to help amplify the hilarious scenes that showcase Becstar’s immaturity and Sally’s admonishing of her. 

Issue no. 1 has left me wondering how Becstar and her motley crew are going to find Anyssa. More importantly, what are they going to do when they figure out that Mordecai is tailing them? 

“Becstar no.1” is an out of this world intergalactic heist action packed and comedic comic that will have readers hooked. Readers will be wowed and humored at this comic as Becstar and her crew go cross-galaxy to achieve their goal!

“Becstar no. 1” is available at your local comic book shop or wherever comic books are sold. 

Courtesy of Mad Cave Studious

Becstar no. 1 

Writer: Joe Corallo

Artist: Lorenzo Colangeli

Letterer: Joamette Gil

Publisher: Mad Cave Studios

Synopsis: “Becstar is a star hopping mercenary-gone-full time-gambler light years away from earth. Leaving her old life behind with the help of her magical luck dagger and her fan-turned-regret filled-friend Sally Soolin, Becstar ekes out a living under the nefarious Shadow Syndicate’s radar. But when a mysterious girl appears with grim news and an urgent quest where the fate of the universe hangs in the balance, Becstar has no choice but to join… and regret it immediately.”

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