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Nashville based producer and singer Sly Boy shares new alt pop single ‘Namesake’

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Nashville based producer and singer-songwriter Sly Boy is at a crossroads with his latest single “Namesake”. The explorative alt pop track deals explicitly with his personal struggles with faith. 

Torn between the light and darkness inside him, Sly Boy shared, “‘Namesake’ is me feeling like I’ve strayed so far from the values of my own faith that I no longer fall under the definition of a Christian.”

“Namesake” touches on feelings of internal conflict in its lyrics and also in its surprising vocal styles. Two voices run parallel to each other, singing different lines, in the fashion of the devil/angel shoulder analogy where one is perched on either side of the head, attempting to lure the singer towards the bad or good.

The visualizer for “Namesake” is delicately packed with symbols and warnings in a mysterious way that flash like a brief synapse of the mind. Catch the visualizer here and stay tuned for more by subscribing to Sly Boy’s YouTube channel here.

All of his music deals with the reckoning of faith, sin, self, and growing up. He is constantly questioning the world around him, as well as the world inside his own mind. In his latest singles, “Dead” featuring Maggie Miles and “Sin,” he uses music as means to cope with trying to be forceful in creativity and dealing with expectations. 

Photo by Nick Banos

Sly Boy has a very eclectic music taste overall, ranging from Joji and Foo Fighters to One OK Rock and newcomer brakence. He’s also got an affinity for cemeteries. An alternative artist in the South, he’s found a creative, supportive crew around him and is planning to release a string of singles leading to a debut LP later this year.

He recently performed two showcases in Nashville, one for Bosse Association and one for Everything But Country Music, debuting “Namesake” live at the latter. He’s planning for more shows for summer so get connected for further announcements from Sly Boy on social media @slyboytheband.

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