Researchers say Pfizer and Moderna vaccines offer protection against COVID-19 for at least six months

Vaccines produced by Pfizer and Moderna offer protection against COVID-19 for at least six months, according to the latest research.

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Health officials and agencies across the world continue to study the long-term efficacy of the various COVID-19 vaccines currently on the market, but recent research indicates that the jabs produced by both Pfizer and Moderna offer immunity from the virus for at least six months.

A study published on April 6 in the New England Journal of Medicine suggests that the Moderna vaccine offers protection against COVID-19 through six months.

Pfizer announced earlier this month that its vaccine provides COVID-19 immunity for at least six months. Health authorities continue to recommend social distancing and other safety tips as COVID-19 immunity continues to grow.

Although the antibody titers and assays that best correlate with vaccine efficacy are not currently known, antibodies that were elicited by mRNA-1273 persisted through six months after the second dose, as detected by three distinct serologic assays.

Ongoing studies are monitoring immune responses beyond six months as well as determining the effect of a booster dose to extend the duration and breadth of activity against emerging viral variants.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) said they don’t know how long protection lasts for those who are vaccinated. What they do know is that COVID-19 has caused very serious illness and death for a lot of people.

“If you get COVID-19, you also risk giving it to loved ones who may get very sick,” CDC officials said. “Getting a COVID-19 vaccine is a safer choice. Experts are working to learn more about both natural immunity and vaccine-induced immunity. CDC will keep the public informed as new evidence becomes available.”

It is not known how long the immunity conferred by a COVID-19 vaccine will last when the vaccine is first authorised. This is because more data is needed from ongoing and additional studies in the long term to understand how long protection lasts after vaccination.

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