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A review of DC’s first month of ‘Infinite Frontier’

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While Future State offered a thrilling glimpse of the near and far futures of DC’s heroes and villains, fans can’t help but wonder what’s next, and the status of the current DC Universe. In comes “Infinite Frontier no. 0,” a 64-page one-shot from some of DC’s most innovative creators — setting the stage for new story lines, surprises, and mysteries unfolding over this year and beyond.

Here are my thoughts on the first month of releases.

Infinite Frontier no. 0

This was a nice universe-establishing book post-Death Metal. It sets up things in the Bat and Superman books, as well as several others and holds a nice tease at the end. The issue is very reminiscent of the DC Universe Rebirth special. I’m curious to see where this new era of DC goes from here.

Batman no. 109

The Scarecrow set up in this comic is great and felt like a horror movie. I love Scarecrow as a villain so I’m excited for this arc. James Tynion and Jorge Jimenez did a great job on his redesign. He looks absolutely terrifying. The art by Jimenez is great, as always. I also loved the Robin story.

Nightwing no. 78

The Nightwing story is one I’ve been craving! It feels like classic Nightwing. Poor Dick has been put through the ringer lately but this feels like a good place to restart. Excellent artwork and writing, good mystery, adorable doggo, DickBabs content and a touching ending.

Wonder Woman no. 770

I am loving this new direction for Wonder Woman, putting her in Asgard post-Metal. I like when people don’t shy away from the fact Wonder Woman can go toe to toe with the gods and just be a badass warrior. There’s also a good mystery here and Travis Moore draws really sexy men.

Suicide Squad no. 1

This book is insane in the best way. It feels like a classic Ostrander SS story from the 80s. C and D list villains infiltrating Arkham Asylum, Peacemaker, Talon and Conner Kent? Consider me hooked! I also appreciated the tie-in to the Bat books. It has great art, too.

Teen Titans Academy no. 1

I love the idea of the Titans mainstays mentoring the newbies. I sincerely hope the vets stick around. I also hope we get to know the newbies more as we go. The Red X mystery is intriguing but I have no clue who it is. They threw Nightwing a birthday party, which was cute. It has great art too!

Batman Urban Legends no. 1

I didn’t expect to love this as much as I did. It has one of the best Red Hood stories I’ve read in years, which was surprisingly wholesome. The piece also has good Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Outsiders stories, even if they were brief. And I’m not even a Grifter fan but this book may make me one!

Justice League no. 59

This is a strong first issue setting up the team dynamic. I like the unique roster, action sequences were fun and the artwork was really great. I enjoyed the team chemistry. I’m curious to see where it goes.

Detective Comics no. 1034

I really appreciated the connectivity to the Batman title. That is something that has been desperately missing for awhile. It feels like you’re reading the same story and they both matter. Great artwork by Dan Mora, as always. Robin story was also great.

Superman no. 29 / Action Comics no. 1029

These told a two-part story about Clark and Jon’s relationship while simultaneously setting the stage for the Superman family going forward. It was the best Superman story in awhile, art was alright and I hope to see more Jon going forward. I could’ve gone without the backups.

Joker no. 1

Admittedly this was not a bad issue, but I am Joker’d out. I just think he needs a break. I like that it’s technically a Jim Gordon book but I’m still fatigued on the character since we’ve seen so much of him recently. I know he sells but c’mon, there’s other Bat villains out there!


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