Gotham City from "Batman" (1989). Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.

How Gotham City’s annual Easter bash celebrates spring

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The infamous fictional DC Comics Gotham City, home to the ever-expanding Bat family, is usually recognized for their revival gothic architecture, heroic vigilante’s and complicated villains. But did you know Batman’s hometown is also known for it’s sweeping city-wide celebrations.

Every year, around early April or late March, the dark city observes Easter with their annual Spring Celebration. The festivities begin in Old Gotham with the Easter Parade.

Put on your Sunday best for this much-loved, old-fashioned Gotham City tradition. Attendees are often bedecked in throwback victorian finery, while a costumed Easter Bunny brings up the rear of the Easter Parade in a golden wagon, tossing gold-wrapped chocolate coins to children.

The Spring and Easter celebration is free to the public and features family fun with children’s activities, a petting zoo, an Easter bonnet contest and flower displays from local garden clubs.

This article was composed using source material from the “Batman vs Superman” “Metropolis/Gotham: TimeOut Shortlist” companion commissioned by Zack Snyder.

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