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We're not in Raccoon City anymore

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‘Resident Evil 8 Village’ (or no. 8 in the main series) feels utterly different from anything that Capcom has proved or shown before. Especially for a franchise known for bio-terror, and the fear of a zombie apocalypse. Well, it’s safe to say that maybe the days of the undead are behind us, however, since the studio is playing coy with details, it does feel that fans of the prestigious series will have to wait for further information. 

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Of course, Capcom did reveal in their latest trailer that the main protagonist will be none other than Ethan Winters. Fans of the series will remember the character because he was the lead in Resident Evil: Biohazard. Then of course a few familiar faces were shown in the trailer such as fellow Stars member Chris Redfield. 

Sadly this is where story details run short, but what I can report is the game will run at a solid 60 FPS on the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, whereas on the current-gen of PS4 and Xbox one the title will run at 30 FPS capping out at 45 tops. It seems that the choice of porting these next-gen titles to last-gen equipment will receive some harsh feedback, in the style of what CD Projekt Red and Cyberpunk 2077 received. However, Capcom did confirm that the title will function, and operate fine and up to standard. The best way to explain would be how Insomniac ported Miles Morales to both of its consoles without issues.

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From first impressions of the trailer, it was clear to make the distinction that this new chapter of the series is trying to play and incite the role of nostalgia that the original trilogy has even maintained from its inception in 1996 till today for a run of 25 years. It also felt fitting for a new main title to release and promote the 25th year benchmark. Now treading back to how the game will play. 

It does maintain the feel, and direction, of its predecessor, but the crafting system is back, and the inclusion of a merchant from the fan-favorite “Resident Evil 4” has returned. However, it’s not the same merchant from the days of Leon and Ashely. The new market is run by a character named “The Duke”; so it’s the same store system, but a new manager. This brings me to the point that needs to be addressed in “Resident Evil: Village.” It feels symbolic and vastly different from the franchise in the same vein and integrity of the 4th one. 

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Eagle-eyed fans will point out from the first trailer we are shown legendary hero Chris Redfield tracking Ethan and Mia down. Even though plot details are still under lock and key. We can see that Chris kills Mia and then takes your daughter. Which leads you into the progression of starting in the village, and then entering the castle. 

Producer Pete Fabiano has confirmed that as Ethan you are on a mission in searching for your missing daughter. Fabiano continued that “the team put in a ton of effort into creating a truly authentic feel. From art design to technology, everything ties in great and creates some beautiful visuals”. 

Photo courtesy of Capcom

During the showcase, Fabiano would continue to explain that the combat system has been reworked to the point of the player no longer being able to shoot wildly. Due to the AI being fully human, and up to date. Which meant a blocking system was implemented, and every enemy will have a distinctive style of how you must defeat them. From the trailer, fans can see that the variety of enemies are vastly different from what the franchise has shown before. It seems we are facing off against werewolves; Lycans; witches, and even vampires to an extent. 

Though Capcom didn’t leave fans empty-handed because it also revealed that a visual playable experience is now available to players on PS5. 

As of now, no official story details have been revealed, but Fabiano did confirm “there are plenty of surprises in store”. 

Photo courtesy of Capcom

Capcom did confirm that May 7, 2021, is the release date for Resident Village, and it will be sent to all consoles, including PS4, PS5, XB1, XBS/XBX

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