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International Spider-Man takes stance against bullying

Known for his popular TikTok's and strong Instagram presence, International Spider-Man is back to talk about his battle with bullying.

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Spider-Man has been an inspiration to generations. He taught many that they all have the power to make change. You just have to respect the responsibility, put on your masks and make the world a better place with your individually specific gifts.

TikTok’s International Spider-Man is doing just that by taking a firm stance against bullying.

“I realized how the world is getting,” Spidey said. “Newer generations are being exposed to more and more things and it’s dangerous. Kids are like sponges, their mind absorbs everything.”

Spider-Man also pointed out that the subject matter which receives the most coverage in media almost always revolves around great controversy. Topics that can often breed hatred receive a majority of the views. That’s why Spider-Man was inspired by a brave little girl dressed up as her favorite hero on Halloween.

“When her mom told me she was bullied, I realized younger and younger kids are bullying now,” Spider-Man said. “I want to keep growing to let kids know that [my platform] is a really safe space for comfort and even motivation to become better.”

Understanding the sad reality of bullying, International Spider-Man became “scared for future generations.” He wants to do his part by contributing to positivity.

“Right before COVID hit, I was preparing to visit hospitals during the summer but maybe, maybe something else too. Maybe visit psychiatric hospitals for children,” Spidey said. “[I’d give] visiting time to those kids who are there for attempting suicide.”

Photo courtesy International Spider-Man

In an interview published on the Daily Planet in September, Spider-Man spoke of his own battle with depression and his time in a psychiatric hospital for children, so this hits home.

“If I can just start visiting hospitals in general, that would be great,” he said. “Every day, I think about doing the face reveal and changing the whole feel of my page from generic commercialized Spider-Man, to mental health and happiness.”

When asked why he hasn’t unmasked yet, Spider-Man said many like the idea of Spider-Man having his own social media network. A “real Spider-Man” who holds onto his secret identity on their newsfeed.

“I don’t feel like it would take away from actually helping people but it’s mostly for the younger audience, and I want to keep that ‘Disney magic’ alive for them, you know?” Spidey said. “I cannot break character. Once I do, I may not ever be able to go back.”

According to International Spider-Man, his main objective is to keep his page light hearted allowing for that needed escape from reality he previously mentioned.

“Nobody wants to talk about their struggles when they go to Disneyland,” Spider-Man mentioned as an example. “But it’s real life and someone [representing themselves] as a superhero should be trying to help.”

Like many others, the man behind the mask faced bullying on a regular basis. Everyone knew him and numerous people targeted him growing up.

“That was the main problem,” he said. “Not just most of my class, but different grades knew me. What’s even worse is that I was so creative and experimental, I got bullied for being one of the first kids on social media. Everyone my age would laugh at the things I would make as creativity just because it was different.”

But he persevered. Spider-Man pushed past all the negativity and now he’s representing one of the Planet’s favorite heroes.

The only way to fight hate is with love. Or in other words, love trumps hate. I’m going to teach others how to stand up for themselves and how to deal with bullies.

International Spider-Man

I need to keep others on the positive side of things. People are like boats and we can sail all seven seas but once we let water get inside the ship, we’re done for.

Spider-Man wants to keep people on the positive side of things.

“People are like boats and we can sail all seven seas but once we let water get inside the ship, we’re done for,” he said.

International Spider-Man even offered some guidance to those who are faced with negativity daily.

“If your surroundings are negative, your insides have to be positive,” Spidey said. “I want to make it clear, day by day, that gratitude is one of the main keys to happiness.”

The wall crawler said that assisting those who are getting bullied is his number one priority.

The best way to deal with bullies and haters, surprisingly, is with compassion. You have to be one broken person to constantly hate on others. There are no real villains in this world. Only misguided people who need help.

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