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Swamp Thing: Washed out by the storm

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Swamp Thing is a show that died a misunderstood early death at the hands of people who didn’t need to interfere with the beauty of the project. 

It truly embraced the horror elements and pacing from the direction of Gary Dauberman. A staple and name in the horror genre with accolades of film such. Dauberman is the creative genius behind the creation of The Conjuring universe. 

The other lynchpin that made the Swamp Thing project get lit is James Wan. Wan, being executive producer, is no stranger to the world of DC Comics. Wan not only was the director behind Aquaman but also the producer of the film. 

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Wan scripted “Swamp Thing,” and also did the magnificent rework of the show giving it the gratifying conclusion it deserved. The series finale premiered on Aug. 3, which was odd with it being the tenth episode of the freshman season. 

When it was greenlit the season was set to run for a 13 serialized run of episodes. The finale did sew up a lot of plot threads but it also left a lot open to interpretation and creative choice of direction. 

One portion of the show I give praise to is the pacing. Each episode felt like it was on par with the direction of the Netflix series at it’s finest with the genetic pedigree and pinnacle of comic book television breaking the molded boundary of fiction and realism. 

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When I first saw the trailer and the first exposure of “Swamp Thing,” I was super excited and pumped due to the tone. The camera direction was a slow quick shot of the swamp. Then it was a pan shot to the close-up of “Swamp Thing” rising from the murky water. 

Then the pilot dropped on May 30. It blew away my expectations regarding the DC property. However, tragedy struck a week after, when the higher-ups canceled the show. I was truly heartbroken and so was the entire cast, along with everyone who put all their hearts and passion into this project. The cast came forth every week after the cancellation with #SaveSwampThing. 

Actor Derek Mears (Swamp Thing in the suit) always praised the direction of the crew and the storytelling of the series. The practical effects of “Swamp Thing” was another symbol of praise. The suit that Mears would wear was ripped and pulled from the panels of the comics. From the heavy inspiration of the 1970’s run of the titular character penned by Alan Moore and drawn by Stephen Bissette, Mears said it was a long time sitting in the makeup chair but every second was worth it. The fans loved it and it was clear “Swamp Thing” was made with passion.  

Swamp thing just felt different in tone and direction of the other DC shows. From the heart family nature of the CW’s Arrowverse to the darker new realistic take on the Teen Titans, or even the “Doom Patrol,” which embraced a more ‘R’ centric rating. 

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The residents of the swamp had a world filled with gothic and supernatural elements being pillars of strength for world-building components. 

It’s truly sad to see the end of something beautiful die a slow and misunderstood death. It was gripping with every episode leaving a cliffhanger type of interaction, leading the viewer to have a paperback serialized sense of retention. The Swamp was truly beginning to blossom and grow with the green but it was destroyed by its mortal enemy, the rot. Of course, in this battle, the rot’s partner was the higher-ups and executives of DC Comics and Warner Brothers. 

Safe to say the future of “Swamp Thing” is up in the air with traction leading to the development of making a full budget film. It just feels weird due to the fact that the episodes of the show were shot with the same quality. However, to report the series is currently airing on the CW and also available to stream on DC Universe.  

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