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Cardi B admits she ‘wasn’t crying’ over Offset amid divorce announcement

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Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, better known by her rap name Cardi B, filed for a divorce from her husband Kiari Kendrall Cephus, known as the rapper Offset, at the Fulton County Magistrate in Georgia on Sept. 15.

The filing comes just five days before Almánzar and Cephus were supposed to celebrate their 3rd wedding anniversary. The hearing is set for Nov. 4, per Billboard

According to Fox News, Cardi is seeking an “amicable” divorce. AP News claimed the marriage was “irretrievably broken” too.

Courtesy of Cardi B’s Instagram

“I wanted to let y’all know I have not shed one tear,” Almánzar said on an Instagram Live.

In discussing her reasoning behind the dissolution of marriage, she said that she preferred to get a divorce rather than waiting to get cheated on, Billboard reported.

Almánzar is thinking about and focusing on their daughter, Kulture Cephus, during this situation.

Courtesy of Cardi B’s Instagram

In fact, Almánzar requested to amend her divorce petition with her lawyer on Sept. 16, according to She actually wanted joint custody of Kulture and no financial support from Cephus. 

In the initial documents, Almánzar wanted primary physical custody and legal custody of Kulture, TMZ reported. Moreover, she wanted Cephus to pay child support and her legal expenses. 

TMZ also mentioned that Almánzar noted that “there are no prospects for a reconciliation” and that the two have been separated. 

Courtesy of Cardi B’s Instagram

Although some believed that Almánzar was doing this all as a publicity stunt or because Cephus was rumored to have gotten a girl pregnant, Almánzar denied these claims.

“sometimes people really grow apart,” she said on Live, “…before something happens, you leave.”

The two were secretly and privately married on Sept. 20, 2017.

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Cephus has a history of being involved in and the target of cheating rumors in the past while he’s been in a relationship with Almánzar, including in December 2017, March 2018, and October 2018, Billboard said.

However, Almánzar said that cheating isn’t what provoked her to file for a divorce. She actually admitted that it was due to being “tired of f—king arguing,” she said on the Instagram Live on Sept. 18.

“I just want to be a free bird,” she said. She hopes the divorce can go peacefully. 

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Since the divorce was announced, Cephus has yet to comment specifically. The day after the news went public, Cephus posted a few pictures of himself with the caption “Grind don’t stop 🛑” on Instagram on Sept. 16. He also performed at the recent iHeartRadio Music Festival on Sept 18.

Meanwhile, Almánzar primarily posted about her feature on the new song, “Me Gusta,” by Anitta. She also celebrated “WAP” remaining at the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100.

Almánzar is a New York native from the Bronx. The 27-year-old is a rapper, songwriter, actress, and TV personality.

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Cephus is a rapper and songwriter who serves as one of the members of the hip-hop trio, Migos. He is 28 years old and had three children prior to marrying Almánzar.

Almánzar previously mentioned that during rough times in their relationship, she and Cephus struggled with trust. “N—as want to be with me, and bitches wanna be with him,” she stated in an interview with GQ.

“This time, I wasn’t crying,” E! Online reported Almánzar saying.

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