Remembering Bizzaro’s sacrifice for Lucy Lane

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Lucy Lane has traditionally been a recurring supporting character for Superman titles in DC Comics. Created by Otto Binder and Curt Swan, appearing for the first time in “Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen” no. 36 (April 1959), Lucy Lane is the daughter of General Sam and Ella Lane, younger sister to Lois.

July 25 is recognized as the iconic characters birthday, so in an effort to honor her, we remember the time Bizarro saved her life wholeheartedly.

Let’s begin with a little back story. Growing up while traveling the world with their father due to his demanding job, Lois and Lucy Lane heavily relied on one another.

A page from “Superman: Lois Lane” no. 1 (2014). Written by Marguerite Bennett, dawn by Emanuela Lupacchino with cover art by  Kenneth Rocafort. Photo courtesy DC Comics

In some variations, after the tragic death of their mother, Lois had to take on the mantle of “mom” for her younger sister. This later left the two somewhat estranged in adulthood, but they loved each other none the less.

Lois and Lucy Lane as children from “Superman: Lois Lane” (2014). Photo courtesy DC Comics

In 1986’s “Superman The Man of Steel” No. 5, written and penciled by John Byrne and inked by Dick Giordano, Superman confronts Lex Luthor after foiling another of the villain’s revenge schemes.

Luthor evades arrest when Superman is unable to prove the villain’s tie to his latest criminal act but as Metropolis’s favorite son leaves his body is scanned by LexCorp’s Dr. Teng’s cloning machine, which would result in the faulty creation of Bizarro.

Interesting side note: This issue also see’s Lex Luthor discover Superman’s true origins.

Not Human?? Are you telling me this self-proclaimed Champion of the Earth is — an alien being?? 

Lex Luthor

After Superman leaves, Lex consults with his scientist Dr. Cheng, who is overseeing a classified program known as “Project: Changeling.”

After scanning Superman for his DNA, Cheng hoped to construct a perfect clone duplicate of the Man of Steel — one that would be completely subservient to Luthor.

However, Cheng did not take Superman’s alien biology into account and the Superman clone crystallized, transforming into a Bizarro version of Superman.

Appalled, Lex orders the creature destroyed but Bizarro escapes into Metropolis where he practices in the same heroics as his true blue counterpart.

While all of this is unfolding, Lucy Lane, suffering from a condition that has left her blind, is shown visiting the city of tomorrow at her big sisters apartment.

As Lois is about to leave ‘for the salt mines,’ also known as the Daily Planet bullpen, she reminds Lucy how much she means to her through concern.

Lucy insists that Lois should go about her life without worrying about her. After Lois leaves, Lucy falls apart.

Contemplating suicide for some time now, Lucy gathers up the courage to take one final leap from her sister’s apartment balcony.

In a tearful goodbye statement, Lucy utters “I’m sorry, Lois” before presumably falling to her death. Lucy’s suicide attempt is foiled by a deteriorating Bizzaro.

After rescuing Lucy, Bizarro steals a cheap business suit and attempts to walk into the Daily Planet dressed as Clark Kent, nearly giving away Superman’s secret identity. 

Clark Kent notices the strange creature utilizing his powers and quickly changes into Superman. The two begin fighting on the streets of Metropolis outside the Daily Planer’s main entrance until Lois Lane arrives to record the destruction for the paper.

Bizarro shares many personality traits with Superman, including a fondness for Lois Lane. The faulty clone leaves Superman be and fly’s off with Lois in his arms later arriving at the reporter’s apartment, meeting Lucy Lane for a second time.

Superman recovers from Bizarro’s most recent attack and discovers that his foe’s skin secretes a chalky, white residue. Being exposed to this residue earlier, Lucy begins regaining her sight.

Analyzing the dust with his microscopic vision, Superman learns that Bizarro is actually an android. A well fitting plot device to keep the Man of Steel’s reputation to “never kill” in tact.

Superman tracks Bizarro back to Lois’s apartment and the two begin fighting once again. They fly directly towards one another above Lois’s apartment complex colliding, causing Bizarro’s body to explode into a cloud of chalky white dust.

The dust snowed onto Lucy miraculously giving the former flight attendant her sight back. When asked if Superman knew the dust would cure Lucy, the metropolis marvel admitted he didn’t, but he thinks Bizarro did.

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