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Supergirl plays to Winn

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As former Entertainment Editor and Gossip Columnist at the Daily Planet I have a keen eye and an objective nose for popular content and famed celebrities. Years after my departure from CatCo, I’ve decided to take a cathartic journey back to my roots. Welcome back to Cat’s Corner.

Cat’s Corner will be a regular entertainment column where we review all your favorite shows and movies. The columns are all written under a pen name.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

I had every intention of indulging in these shows inspired by pop culture icons with an extremely critical mindset. Given the disillusion I felt at the end of the much anticipated crossover’s conclusion, which seemed aimed towards seven-year-old’s, I wanted to be extremely objective.

Unfortunately that never happened. Both episodes of “Supergirl” and “Batwoman,” which aired last night, were phenomenal and left me wanting more.

Let’s review “Back from the Future — Part One.”

Thanks to Winn Schott’s return, this episode was a nostalgia filled ride that unfortunately left some currently established characters in the time dust. Inspire of that slight setback, this episode of “Supergirl” still soared high.

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I feel compelled to mention that I absolutely hate what Andrea Rojas has done to my publication and office. CatCo was once a shimmering example of journalistic integrity and now it’s a tabloid type media outlet with an office space void of color and creativity that mainly serves as an advertising agent. At least Kara and the rest of the team continue to push for what CatCo was made to represent. With that being said, let’s return to the review.

“Never let anyone question your own worth.”

Winn Schott

Since Crisis On Infinite Earths concluded earlier this month fans of the CW’s DC Universe, formerly recognized as the “Arrowverse,” have been asking countless questions. What in the past series’ seasons is in cannon? What’s the new “Earth Prime’s” history? What else has changed? Each series has been slowly answering said questions.

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While the rest of the universe tries to wrap its mind around the convergence of the multiverse, Supergirl hosts one character that the rest of the CW series’ do not; J’onn J’onzz. It’s always convenient when you have a mind mending meta around to rapidly explain story progressing events to previously absent characters.

In this post crisis planet we are forced to forget almost everything we thought we knew about CW’s DC Universe. We’re urged to cling onto the most powerful and impactful event’s, like a majority of origin stories and major battles, but are asked to forget about everything regarding the late Earth-38 of pre-crisis CW. Anything and everything seems possible.

Heroes can be perceived as villains, and diabolical evil doers can be viewed as humanitarians. Yes, I’m talking about you, Luthor. In this episode Luthor continued to violently plant a place in all our hearts in a sarcastically comedic and gallant sort of way.

The latest episode of “Supergirl” also established the operating headquarters of the newly formed Justice League, which are pictured above.

As much as I enjoyed this episode, I was disappointed in the unresolved issues that were affecting Lena Luthor and Brainiac. I’m sure the effects of their pain and hurt will play out throughout the remainder of the season, but it’s still hard to witness.

Supergirl’s new fight scenes mixed with iconic musical scores is a great new element to the CW Series. Iconic moments are synced to equally phenomenal (or more phenomenal) songs that seemed they were destined to be used during a “Supergirl” battle.

All in all, I enjoyed watching “Back from the Future — Part One.”

Watch Supergirl here for free.

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Catherine (Cat) Grant was a business-savvy media mogul who got her start working as a gossip columnist for the Daily Planet. Cat later became a gossip blogger and eventually the CEO of her own company, CatCo Worldwide Media, a multimedia entertainment and news conglomerate based out of National City. Years after her departure from CatCo, Cat has decided to take a cathartic journey back to her roots. Welcome back to Cat’s Corner.

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