Boeing’s first 777X takes flight, set to land in Seattle

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Boeing’s first 777X took off in its maiden flight from Everett Washington today, marking a milestone for the company. Initially postponed by bad weather on Thursday, Jan. 23 and again Friday, Jan. 24., the plane is set to land after a few hours of test flying in Boeing’s Seattle field.

According to Boeing, their 777X saves fuel while reducing emissions and operating costs. Boeing also states that the new model is the largest and most efficient twin-engine jet in the world.

This maiden flight is a portion of the rigorous testing the 777X will be partaking in throughout 2020. The testing is promised to be more articulate after the two crashes of the 737 max, which all have been grounded since March after the crashes killed 346 people, collectively.

With a wingspan more than 235 feet, the 777X is the largest twin-engine jet ever built. The wings are so long that the plane features folding wingtips that will reduce the width by over 20 feet so the 777X can fit into airport taxiway gates.

The 777X lists for $422.2 million and can fit up to 426 passengers “in a two-class configuration.” According to a company Boeing had 344 firm orders for the 777X according to a company filing, and Emirates is its biggest single customer.

Track the maiden flight here: Boeing 777X First Flight: Flight Tracker, Webcast & Video

Featured image courtesy Boeing

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