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‘The 100’ 101: Season 7 premiere — An entertaining masterpiece or a let down?


Frustration. Sadness. Confusion. Overwhelmed. These are all emotions characters experienced in the The 100’s season seven premiere. Oddly enough, they’re all emotions I experienced right along with them as I watched the story unfold from the comfort of my own couch. But there’s one word in specific that comes to mind when I think of this particular episode: disappointment.

7 predictions for ‘The 100’ season 7


Two-headed deer, mountain men torturing people, a viral city to house people’s consciousness, a radiation death wave, body snatching and a green fog that seems to exist outside the realm of possibility.  Each season of the CW’s post-apocalyptic show “The 100” delivers more and more unexpected things for the characters to face and overcome — surprising the audience left and right since its start in 2014.  The series is based in a future where Earth has been destroyed by nuclear bombs, leaving the radiated land uninhabitable and the last of the human population living in space. But, when their spaceship