Anthony Desiato

Anthony Desiato, owner and founder of Flat Squirrel Productions, is a lifelong Superman fan, documentary filmmaker, and podcast host who has been chronicling the culture of comic shops for the past decade. Projects include the films My Comic Shop Documentary and My Comic Shop Country, as well as the podcast series My Comic Shop History and Digging For Kryptonite.

Superman: Red & Blue

Host Anthony Desiato and guest Daniel Sanchez (@wearingthecape) dig into the 2021 anthology miniseries “Superman: Red & Blue,” featuring a series of emotionally resonant, slice-of-life stories by Tom King, Mark Waid, Robert Venditti, and a host of other creators.

Drums of Death (1×18)

Host Anthony Desiato discusses “Drums of Death” (Season 1, Episode 18) with guest Grant Richter (Truth, Justice, and Hope: A Superman Podcast).

Secret Identity by Busiek & Immonen (PLUS: The Origin of Superboy-Prime)

Host Anthony Desiato and guest Alex Segura (author of the 2022 novel “Secret Identity”) dig into a real-world take on DC’s most iconic character: 2004’s “Superman: Secret Identity” by Kurt Busiek & Stuart Immonen, depicting the life journey of a man named Clark Kent—in a world where Superman and his mild-mannered alter ego exist only in comic books—who discovers he actually possesses the Man of Steel’s powers.

It’s a Bird by Steven T. Seagle (Plus: The Pre-Infinite Crisis Super-Titles)

Host Anthony Desiato and guest Perry Constantine (Superhero Cinephiles podcast) dig into the autobiographical original graphic novel “It’s A Bird…” by creator Steven T. Seagle with artist Teddy Kristiansen. 

Up in the Sky & Woman of Tomorrow by Tom King

Host Anthony Desiato and guest Grant Richter (Truth, Justice, and Hope: A Superman Podcast) dig into a pair of Tom King-written works: “Superman: Up In The Sky” with artist Andy Kubert and “Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow” with Bilquis Evely.

Man and Superman (100th Episode)

Host Anthony Desiato celebrates the milestone 100th episode of Digging for Kryptonite with regular guest V Ken Marion (artist on “Deathshroud”). They reflect on the journey taken over these past 100 episodes, answer your questions from the “Metropolis Mailbag,” and compare notes on Marv Wolfman’s “Man and Superman.”

DC One Million (Electric ‘Til One Million VI)

Host Anthony Desiato and guest Michael Bailey (From Crisis To Crisis: A Superman Podcast) dig into the Grant Morrison-led crossover event “DC One Million,” which saw the Justice Legion A of the 853rd Century journey to 1998 to invite the present-day JLA to witness the return of the “Prime Superman” after centuries spent in his solar Fortress of Solitude.

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