The 100’s Bob Morley’s ex steps forward with abuse claims

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published July 4 with Arryn Zech’s statement and was updated with Eliza Taylor’s response July 21. To see Taylor’s response, scroll to the bottom.

It’s Independence Day in the United States (as of the day this was published), but independence is found very far and inbetween for most people these days.

This has unfortunately been the case for Bob Morley’s (who plays Bellamy Blake on “The 100”) ex-girlfriend of roughly three years, Arryn Zech. 

Zech released a two-part Twitter thread July 3 at 12:22 p.m. Central Standard Time (CST) stating “Bob emotionally and verbally abused me.”

The statement was in response to her Twitch stream on June 29.

“I started to come forward about some of the abuse I endured from my ex boyfriend, Bob Morley,” Zech said in her tweet above.

Zech said Morley often yelled at her throughout the relationship, got upset when she told him she’s bisexual saying things like “ [she] would obviously never be enough for him, that [she’d] want to be with women, or that [she’d] cheat on him,” and isolated her from friends and family.

The statement also went in depth about how Morley and his current wife and co-star Eliza Taylor (who plays Clarke Griffin on “The 100”) went behind Zech’s back, gaslit her, cheated on her for the last six months of their relationship and manipulated her. More of what Zech said about Morley and Taylor’s relationship can be found in the statement in the tweet above. 

Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley. Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for New York Comic Con

Morley (and Taylor) have been at the epicenter of a strong, loyal fanbase since the start of The CW’s “The 100” in 2014. This fandom has supposedly made it difficult for Zech to feel comfortable coming forth with information on their abuse and this statement was in-large part a response to them. 

After revealing she was abused by Morley on her Twitch stream, the fandom erupted and hate started to flood. She wanted to clear the air, come forward and respond to the hate she’s been receiving by people in “The 100” fandom.

“There is no real time or right way to speak about abuse,” Zech said in her statement. “The policing of me finally doing so has been vile, as I said nothing that was untrue…. You speak on mental health and having compassion for those with mental health problems, yet you’ve also sent me death threats, aggressive and constant hate for years, found my phone number to send me pictures of my ex’s wedding, texted my mother, sent me e-mails and actual mail to my house…. It’s been daily for almost five years now.”

Morley and Taylor have not commented on Zech’s statement as of 11 a.m. CST July 4.

The married couple is also set to have an Instagram live July 21 where they answer fan’s questions and encourage people to donate to Taylor’s primary school. There has not been word if it’s been canceled or if it’ll continue.

Eliza Taylor responds

Eliza Taylor made a statement on her Instagram July 20 saying how her and Morley’s relationship began. She also announced the cancellation of their livestream that was set for July 21.

Taylor never officially mentioned Zech’s statement but still managed to break her social media silence. Taylor acknowledged how her marriage has been highly discussed online in the past couple weeks.

“This is not exactly how I imagined telling the story of how Bob and I got together but I felt compelled to share it,” Taylor said in the second slide of her Instagram post

In the post, Taylor described how her and Morley met up after both their breakups. About a month later he asked her on a date. They realized they both want similar things in life and that they didn’t want to lose the other person. This led to them getting engaged a month later and then married about a month after that.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published July 4 with Arryn Zech’s statement and was updated with Eliza Taylor’s response July 21.

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