Mysterious Hero Saves the World

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In an epic showdown over the skies of Metropolis, the caped wonder we now call Superman, along with the United States Air Force, defeated alien terrorists attempting to destroy the city and ultimately the world. Days ago General Zod and his Kryptonian army invaded global airspace and declared that the citizens of Earth were harboring a fugitive from a planet called Krypton.

As government agencies scrambled to respond, clues about an alien living among us had already been discovered deep beneath a glacier in the Artic [sic] Region. Embedded with military and scientific teams of DARPA, I witnessed their detection of a mass concealed in the ice. It was first believed that what they had found was a Soviet era submarine, however, what they discovered was something much more exotic.

An isotope analysis of the surrounding ice bores suggested that the object had been trapped in the glacier for over 18,000 years. The Pentagon was quick to deny any such encounter, but when the ship broke through its icy bonds and disappeared into the clouds, I arrived at the inescapable conclusion that the object did not originate on earth. Teams from across the world tried to track the ship, but were unable to locate its whereabouts.

The previous story is 100% fictitious and was featured in the DCEU, DC Comics’ movie universe. The article was featured in a “Man of Steel” blurry special feature “Planet Krypton,” an in-universe documentary on Superman’s home world.

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