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A city of neighborhoods

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Metropolis is a city known for its neighborhoods-from the estates of St. Martins Island to the high-rises of New Troy, from Bakerline’s row homes to Park Ridge’s suburbs, Metropolitans take pride in their neighborhoods. 

They sit on their stoops on summer evenings to say hello to the neighbors. They pass barbecue condiments back and forth across backyard fences. And most of all, when someone smells gas, or sees a stranger lurking, or finds a runaway dog, Metropolitans check in with one another.

But what happens when the danger isn’t something your neighbor can guard against, can warn against? What happens when the danger comes from the very earth below your feet?

Allison Isenberg is learning, and learned from personal experience. Isenberg, a resident of Brick City in Metropolis’ often neglected Hob’s Bay port district, is a second-year graduate student in the geology department at Metropolis University. Her mentor Everett…in his praise of his prized student.

“Allison is the kind of student who goes above and beyond…“

The idea seemed simple, on the face of it: Isenberg would gather soil samples from eight neighborhoods within the city limits analyze the chemical and sedimentary makeup of each sample, and contrast the results. The goal was to determine whether Metropolis’ natural clay foundation-the foundation first settle upon by Swedish settlers in the 1700s-was still in evidence.

Things seemed fine at first, but when Isenberg sampled the soil from her own Brick City street, she found a surprise.

“Lab results don’t lie,” says Isenberg. “and the results showed a toxicity level closer to that of a… she trails off just for a moment, thinks, then resumes. “Well,” she says, “let’s just say you wouldn’t want children to play there.”

In the corner of the Isenberg yard there sits a small wooden hut. It’s obviously old, from years of sun damage, but one can still make out the crayon sign above the tiny door: “Allison’s Clubhouse.”

It seems that children have indeed played in this yard. But the time for games may be past.

The previous story is 100% fictitious and was featured in the DCEU, DC Comics’ movie universe. The article was used as a prop in “Man of Steel.”

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