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In this world, every act can be a political act. Here are our extensive reports on the subject.

Social Medias impact on modern day campaigns


Social media has been a huge determining factor in the outcomes of recent elections, specifically those involving women. For example, during the 2016 election, social media was an important part of each candidate’s campaigns whereas it hadn’t been as prevalent in the past.

Trump doesn’t get off “Scott Free”


On Monday Dec. 2, President Trump took to Twitter storming about his hopes for a long prison sentence toward former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen. Cohen struck a plea deal with special council Robert Mueller. Cohen admitted he lied to Congress regarding a Trump Tower Moscow project. Trump blighted Cohen’s admission, accusing him of doing “TERRIBLE” things. Trump also stated Cohen should serve a full prison sentence.

Taking to the polls


Last Tuesday, Nov. 6, millions of Americans took to the polls exercising their right to vote in this years midterm election. According to Time, an estimated 113 million Americans voted this election season making 2018 a record year for voter turnout.

Traveling in search for a better life


“There’s no space for them.” “We can’t feed them.” “We already have problems the way it is.” All of these phrases have been said by the United States president, Donald Trump, since the start of his presidential campaign in 2016. Recently, these have also been said by the very people who complained about these affirmations the most: Mexicans.