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Hall of Trophies reveals Wayne ego


Bruce Wayne has a healthy ego. We know this from his many exploits from “Year 1” to “Knightfall,” a myriad of conversations with his many mentees, Justice League leadership banter over the decades, conversations with Alfred over late dinners and of course all the Wayne women. But it is in his Hall of Trophies that we see the real Bruce Wayne, through the physical evidence he has chosen to collect and showcase in The Hall. Dressed as a Bat at night, he hides his true identity as he strives to take down those with evil identities all around him, to

A cover worth 1,000 words


“The Amazing Spider-Man no. 50”, published in July 1967, changed my life. I was born in 1972 and I didn’t even know this storyline existed until 1981. I saw this cover by Romita & Demeo and I had to have it- not the story, the cover.