Truth Justice and Hope

TJH 81 — Action 993-994 / Batman 37

Booster Gold tries to stop Superman from endangering the timeline by saving Krypton in the past. Plus Lois and Brelina go on a double date at the county fair.

TJH 80: Superman 37 / Dark Nights Metal 6 / Batman 36

Superman is attacked by the grim and gritty alternate future version of Tim Drake; plus I wrap up the overly caffeinated “Dark Nights: Metal” series; plus Clark and Bruce have feelings about whether or not they’re friends.

TJH 79 — Superman #36/Dark Knights: Metal #5

Superman instills democracy on Apokalips? Plus hyperactive Rube Goldberg shenanigans in the Dark Multiverse AND a little bonus content at the end!

74 — Action Comics 991/New Super-Man 17

Clark has his final confirmation (for now) with “Mister Oz”, and Kenan unlocks the full potential of his powers.

73 — Actual Comics 990/New Super-Man 16

Superman struggles to foil the machinations of the Oz cult, and Kenan meets the mastermind behind Emperor Super-Man.

71 — Action 988 and Dark Knights Metal 3

The tale of how Jor-El survived the destruction of Krypton is revealed, plus the Batman Who Laughs uses Superman’s hope against him.

69 — Superman 30, Dark Knights: Metal 1

Kal-El’s hope prevails over Parallax’s fear in “Superman no.30,” plus the Justice League learns of a pending invasion from the Dark Multiverse in “Dark Knights: Metal no.1.”

67: Superman 27-28 and Super Sons 6-7

The Kents take a road trip to honor America’s veterans and fallen, and Jon proves his bona fides to be an honorary Teen Titan.

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