Truth Justice and Hope

Episode 57 (part 2) — Action Comics no.978, Trinity no.8, and Super Sons no.3

This week we kick off April 2017 as we get a glimpse of Superman’s new merged continuity, the Trinity decides to keep their knowledge of this new reality to themselves, and Jon and Damian are hunted by Kid Amazo!

Truth Justice and Hope episode 56 (Super Sons no.2, Trinity no.7, Action Comics no.977)

Jon and Damian get into shenanigans at LexCorp in “Super Sons no.6.” Lex, Ra’s al Ghul, and Circle form their own dark Trinity in “Trinity no.7.” Superman tries to sort out his own continuity in “Action Comics no.977.”

Episode 53 (Action Comics 974, Superman 18, and New Super-Man 9)

The mysterious other Clark snaps and makes his move against the Kents in “Action no.974” and “Superman no.18,” plus Kenan “teams up” with Lex in “New Super-Man no.9.”

Truth Justice and Hope episode 46 — Superman no.15 and Supergirl no.5-6

Clark gathers the Supermen of the Multiverse to fight back against the enigmatic Prophecy in “Superman no.15,” and Kara foils her father’s plan to sacrifice Earth to save Argo City in “Supergirl no.5-6.”

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