Nik Wilson

NHL Stanley Cup Predictions

After a wild qualifying round of hockey, the field has been reduced to 16 teams still vying for Lord Stanley’s Cup.

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Playoff hockey preview: the year of tanking?


Get ready for an unpredictable edition of playoff hockey. Needless to say, the pause to regular season action has halted all previous momentum. Injured players are returning. Regular season records don’t feel as important as in prior years and momentum is a thing of the past. Rather than offer an educated guess for who will win the Stanley Cup, let’s look at some interesting storylines that could rear their heads in this unique postseason.

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Too high, too low: Reacting to the NFL’s Top 100 Players of 2019

The NFL’s Top 100 Players of 2019 list is a players-only vote, which often sparks entertaining debates throughout the off season. With the list’s recent reveal, plenty of selections have caught my attention. Some players are being celebrated for past achievements instead of their performance last season. Other players aren’t getting enough recognition for their impact on the field. Let’s dive into some of the most eyebrow-raising rankings from this year’s list.

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