Last Sons of Krypton

Hosts Connor and Rey — no strangers to comic hero podcasts — tackle the grand daddy of them all, Superman, in this podcast both for fans and newbies alike!

EPISODE 116: Edmond Hamilton

Connor-El is joined by returning superfriends Adam and Dave to discuss the works of Edmond Hamilton! Our main focus is on issue 175 with additional coverage of “Action Comics” no. 1300, 314, 319, 327 and “Superman” no. 175, 156 and 181.

Ep 115: A Prometheon Halloween

Connor-El is joined by returning guest Nathan from the Superman Animated Podcast for Halloween to discuss season 2 episode 3 of STAS “The Prometheon.”

Ep 114: Creeping Death — A Clark Kent Mystery

Connor-El has let Rey-Zod out of the Phantom Zone to discuss the stand alone “Action Comics” no.809 where Clark finds himself having to solve a cruise ship murder mystery. The prime suspect? Clark Kent!

EPISODE 111: Superman Brainiac Part 1

Connor-El is joined again by Tyler (Superman Blue) from Krypton Report to discuss “Superman: Brainaic,” Action Comics Annual 10 tie in to Last Son, My Adventures with Superman and, the Superman and Lois season 3 finale!

Episode 109: Multiversity Mastermen

Connor-El is joined by returning guest Adam to talk about Multiversity: Mastermen, featuring a guilt ridden Superman that landed in Nazi Germany and helped them win the war.

EPISODE 106: Metallo Returns 2000 NOW

Connor-El is joined by returning guest Robert from the Swamp Things Podcast to talk about “Superman” 316 & 317 featuring Metallo! Plus, Connor-El yells at cloud, talks the Superman 2000 pitch by Waid / Morrison / Millar and catches up on Action Comics!

Composite Superman & Caveman Superman vs Big Brain Batman!

Connor-El is joined by Dave from Signal of Doom to talk Superman & Batman in World’s Finest 142 and 151 plus talks about human nature, the Legion and more!

Bonus Episode: The Heroes of the Trojan War

Connor-El is joined by Rebecca in the new installment of the mythological heroes sub series to discuss the Heroes of the Trojan War via the film Troy and the classic text of the Iliad.

Why do we celebrate the death of Superman?

"The Death Of Superman: 30th Anniversary Special no.1" Jon Kent variant cover by Dan Mora. Photo courtesy of DC Comics

This isn’t something I’ve just started to think about; it always starts working in my brain whenever the anniversary pops around, DC reminds us, everyone starts posting their bagged issues with the gruesome bloody S on the front, etc. 

Last Sons of Krypton: Episode 99 — Must There Be A Superman

It’s the last episode before 100, and what better episode to cover the underrated classic “Superman no.247” by Elliot S. Maggin, “Must There Be a Superman,” plus a “Private Life of Clark Kent” story by Denny O Neil, pencils for both by the late great Curt Swan and inks for both by the late great Murphy Anderson!

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