Jonathan Tyler Patrick

Tyler, as he is known, has been a life long Superman fan since the dawn of his arrival on this planet. With that as a compass, he has always found that being a voice of reason was important. Tyler graduated in 2010 with a degree in Psychology and Counseling. He has worked with troubled teens in different capacities as well as his local paper. Currently, Tyler is pursuing his masters in screen writing along side teaching English and working in the local schools. The Krypton Report is a podcast Tyler runs as part of the Press Play Podcast Network. He has two children and a beautiful amazing wife, whom he has been married to for ten years.

Krypton Report 265 — ‘The Suicide Squad’ Review

Tyler, James and Bryan discuss “The Suicide Squad,” DC Comics, Superman, “smgpods,” “Titans,” Superboy and more in the latest Krypton Report

The Superman shield and why I wear it

Jonathan Tyler Patrick's favorite version of the Superman shield was featured in the 2006 reboot, "Superman Returns." It was the ultimate symbol of hope for him at a time when he needed it the most. Photo courtesy of DC Comics

Logos are everywhere. Branding is marketing 101. We, as a society, wear shirts with sports teams, sayings, images that we love and want to share. It is said that two of the most recognized images are Mickey Mouse and Superman.

Krypton Report 249 — Sean O’Connell

Host Tyler talks to Sean O’Connell of Cineamablend and the Reel Blend podcast about his book “Release the Snyder Cut” and “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” as part of the Virtual Superfriends Celebration.

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