The Geek Of Steel

Superman In Concert coming to the Royal Albert Hall

I have never heard the Superman score played by an orchestra and this event is on my bucket-list. When I think of Superman (and that’s a lot!) I always have music playing in my head. It’s the “Superman March” and I know that when I feel the orchestra play any piece of music from this iconic movie my heart is going to be beating out of my chest.

Speaking with comic book writer Mark Waid

I love when I am able to speak with the talented creators who have brought my hero to life. I am not sure how many times I have read “Kingdom Come” or “Superman: Birthright” over the years but I know it is a lot. They are two very different stories but that have both had a huge impact on my life so when Mark Waid agreed to be a guest on the show I was very happy!

Flash Facts: A spoiler free review

"Big Bang Theory" star, author and scientist Mayim Bialik, PhD, curated the book.

I love science and I love comics so when you combine those two topics you get an explosion of fun and information. “Flash Facts” is DC’s newest middle grade graphic novel and it takes readers aged eight to 12 (and older fans!) on 10 fun adventures. Also, when you are finished enjoying the book there are projects you can do at home. I would have loved this book when I was in school!

An interview with ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ actress Lilly Aspell

Recently, the Geek of Steel was able to speak with Lilly Aspell, the actress who plays the young Diana Prince in ‘Wonder Woman’ (2017) and ‘Wonder Woman 1984,’ (2020). The Geek of Steel was fascinated by her stories. Lilly was a perfect guest and the two had a wonderful chat about her time on both movies, the lessons she has learned on set and how Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins have been a huge influence in her life.