The Daily Planet is proud to support a variety of individual podcasts and other forms of audio media from across the multiverse. Topics are subject to change and range from journalistic depth to entertainment.

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Uncovering the Truth in Minnesota

Uncovering the Truth in Minnesota is an investigative podcast based out of the state of Minnesota. Unconstrained, unbiased, and driven for the truth, follow us as we use journalism to tell the untold stories of Minnesota.

Always Hold On To Smallville

Always Hold On To Smallville is a podcast dedicated to discussing every episode of the series that ushered in today’s golden age of superhero television, Smallville. This podcast is hosted by Zach Moore and includes various guest appearances.

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The Daily Planet strives to immortalize the countless voices of the world, becoming a digital news source of record. Opinions in each individual podcast are the creators own and may not reflect that of the Daily Planet. We pride ourselves on being an unbiased news source.

Uncovering the Truth in Minnesota


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Always Hold On To Smallville

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