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Our dedicated team of passionate content creators constantly keeps the Planet rotating on a daily basis. The Planet proudly provides an outlet for others to utilize their voice in news, culture, comics and more. Learn how you can join the Planet and get to know our dedicated team bellow.

Zack Benz


Zack Benz has been a fan of the Daily Planet since he was eight years old. The Daily Planet has always been a beacon of hope for him and it’s his life’s mission to make it shine in a similar light to so many around the world. Zack graduated with a degree in journalism and art from the University of Minnesota Duluth in 2019.

Brianna Taggart

Managing Editor & Social Media Manager

Brianna Taggart has always been passionate about movies and TV shows –especially “The 100” – and has written reviews for it on her blog. She grew up loving to write and hike and is continuing that love with a degree in journalism and communications at the University of Minnesota Duluth. Taggart is the Managing Editor for The Bark.

Karli Kruse

Art Director

Karli Kruse will graduate from the University of Minnesota Duluth for Graphic Design with a Photo minor in 2021. She’s and avid fan of Taco Bell, Krispy Kreme, and all things Taylor Swift (although she likes to make sure people know that’s not her typical music style). Karli has always been a creative type and that side of her tends to come out in the late hours of the night.  If you wanna stalk her check out her Instagram.

Rebecca Kottke

 Art Consultant

Rebecca Kottke is a world-famous pizza connoisseur, avid wine-drinker, glitter and Game of Thrones enthusiast and a burgeoning cat lady.  Rebecca enjoys evenings in, listening to podcasts and doodling. Rebecca is currently residing with her cat, Cannoli The Fierce on planet Earth. To keep up with Rebecca and Cannoli’s hijinx, please head over to Rebecca’s Instagram.

Drea Rabuse

 Legal Consultant

Drea Rabuse is a Marketing & English graduate from the University of Minnesota Duluth and current law student of The University of Minnesota Twin Cities. She is an avid world traveler, foodie, linguist and coffee enthusiast.

Evan Hughes

Graphic Designer & Photographer

Evan has always had an eye for creativity – whether that be through the lens of a camera or on an Adobe art-board. He grew up skateboarding and snowboarding, fascinated by the deep culture they both carry. Evan is continually exerting creativity and constantly learning something new. Check out Evans portfolio here.

Madison Hunter


Madison Hunter likes to capture the moment and loves to illustrate stories through her photography and express her creativity by thinking outside the box with her work.  Madison is a student photographer for the University of Minnesota Duluth PR and Marketing, is the main staff photographer at The Bark and does some freelance work on the side. Madison is a huge Marvel and Star Wars fan and relates to Star-Lord because he’s goofy and love’s ’80s music. Check out Madison’s portfolio here.

Rikkia Walker

Poet and Writer

Rikkia loves poetry and has a strong passion and talent for the subject. She enjoys using her voice as a weapon. Rikkia loves to travel and contributes to a women specialized travel site.

Clare Cade


Clare Cade is a journalism major with a focus on art. She spends most of her time wishing she was hiking in the mountains or taking a nap. She takes great pride in her Spotify playlists and is planning to name her first child after Jimmy Buffet.

Addie Marzinske


Addie Marzinske is a lover of music, writing, and all things Batman. Currently, she’s pursuing a journalism degree at the University of Minnesota.

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