‘Loki’ season 2 is 2023’s second most viewed season premiere on Disney+


After a hit first season that brought viewers deep into the twisty world of the Time Variance Authority, “Loki” returned last week with a brand-new season on Disney+.


22 shows that got me through 2022


2022 marked the year where I was either all in or feeling nothing in regards to television shows. I got to see the return of so many of my favorite things. More episodes started coming out on a weekly basis. “Stranger Things” and “Vampire Academy” came back. The world of Westeros arrived on my screen again. Another Sally Rooney adaptation made me fall into a 2014-esque angst spiral. Let’s also give a hand for more Addams family content. 

‘This Is Us’: Season 5 finale review


“This Is Us” never fails to disappoint, especially for a finale. The season five finale of “This Is Us” aired on May 25, 2021, where the episode is about Kevin and Madison’s wedding day. In “The Adirondacks,” we find out if Kevin and Madison say, “I Do” and a major flash-forward scene in the future set five years later involving Kate.  Spoiler alert warning   Are Kevin and Madison Married?  From the beginning of the finale, Madison is debating whether she should marry Kevin. A glimpse is shown of Madison’s past when she was younger when her mother left her and

Recapping USA Network’s ‘Queen of the South’


Shoot outs, escaping from enemies, sacrificial deals, drug cartels, family and the occasional romantic love interest have all been part of USA Network’s “Queen of the South” since it premiered June 23, 2016. However, this story about Teresa Mendoza rising through the cartel ranks to create her own powerful international drug empire is about way more than those things.

Freeform’s ‘The Bold Type’ to end with season 5


“The Bold Type” fans have waited nearly a year for an answer to their all-consuming question: Will Freeform renew the show or will it be left in the dust like so many other series? Audiences finally have their answer as the network released a bittersweet announcement today. “The Bold Type” will return for a fifth and final season set to air later this year.