The War of the Bounty Hunters

Boba Fett invites himself to the Smugglers Ball in ‘Star Wars: The War of the Bounty Hunters no. 2’


Who would ever think that one ordinary man would bring all the syndicates in the galaxy together under one roof? The same man who grew up not too far from the shipyards of Corellia. The same man who was labeled a scum rat and was, very likely, told that he would not amount to anything.


Darth Vader takes on IG-88


Darth Vader always saw himself as a powerful force (no pun intended) to be reckoned with, especially when he was an aspiring young Jedi rising through the ranks of the Jedi Order. The tortured soul was once a powerful yet caring soul named Anakin Skywalker, who believed that he was destined to be the most powerful Jedi ever. It was clear to see the seeds of hubris were planted and shown throughout the Star Wars films and other mediums.