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Jason David Frank: A tribute to a true hero

When I heard the news of Frank’s death being caused by suicide, I was, like everyone who was a fan of the Power Rangers, was shocked. How could a man who was so humble and friendly to  fans he came across at comic conventions choose to take his own life? What drove him down this dark path?  We may not get the answers nor may we ever know what went on in the mind of a man who, little did we know, was troubled in the final days of his life. 


Mental Health – My disorder, my life

Some people do a lot of research to write a mental health memoir. Some service users write about their experiences with having a mental health problem. Sometimes they write about addictions they’ve had, the process of being unwell, the stigma and what hospitalization in a psych ward is all about. Not to forget, service users also write about their recovery. A service user is a phrase in mental health hospitals for people who receive help and support.