Lois Lane

Lois Lane actress Phyllis Coates dies at 96   


Phyllis Coates, the first actress to portray the intrepid Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane on television, has died at 96.


06: DESTINY (Erica in Crusade and Gone, Sn4)

Lois…. Lois Lane. Lois has finally arrived in Smallville. In search of finding the person responsible for her cousin Chloe’s death, Lois looks for Clark Kent. Season four marked a turning point for the series, mainly due to the introduction of Lois. In this episode, Sara goes over all the Lois scenes in the first two episodes of season 4, Crusade and Gone!

Always Hold On To Superman & Lois — 1×15 Last Sons of Krypton

Zach and Sarah discuss the fifteenth episode of “Superman & Lois,” “Last Sons of Krypton.” We talk our incorrect predictions, if the first season finale lived up to the high bar set by the rest of the season, that implications of that last scene, Legends of the Hidden Temple, and more! So journey with us back to Smallville for these new adventures of Lois & Clark and Always Hold On To Superman & Lois!

‘Superman and Lois’ continues to inspire


“Superman and Lois” on The CW continues to be utterly perfect by simply letting the story progress at an organic pace. It’s led by prolific acting and intense story dynamics that toe the line of reality through a fictional lens. However, that’s where the genius comes into form, due to passion, and the attention to detail from the writers. Even the actors once seen as a role being portrayed are the characters in every aspect.