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Maggie Rhee: the kintsugi of ‘The Walking Dead’


Kintsugi, or Kintetsu Kouroi,, is known as the art of resilience. Originating from 15th century Japan, it involves repairing a broken object by piecing it with gold, silver, or platinum instead of covering its scars. It invokes beauty within the scars.


Comic book review: ‘Crossover no. 3’


Donny Cates and his team continue to deliver in the ongoing comic series “Crossover.” I have been enjoying this series since it debuted in November 2020. The series follows Ellipses (or Ellie) who is on a journey to find her parents trapped in a dome. The dome is full of comic book characters and it is engulfing all of Denver, Colorado. Joining Ellipses are Otto (her boss and comic shop owner), Ryan (son of a religious zealot and her soon-to-be love interest), and Ava (a little girl comic book character from the dome).   Spoilers Ahead