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DC brings ‘Knight Terrors’ and manga to ComicsPRO


At yesterday’s ComicsPRO convention, DC illuminated the “Dawn of DC” timeline to reveal its Summer event, Knight Terrors, written by Joshua Williamson (“Superman”) with art by Howard Porter (“The Flash”), Guillem March (“The Joker”), and more.


Legion of Superheroes animated film

Tyler, James, Bryan and Solomon talk about the “Legion of Superheroes” animated films and 5 things they want and 5 things they don’t want from James Gunn’s proposed “Superman Legacy.”

DC Studios film slate

Tyler and James talk about all the latest DC news, including the new “Shazam 2” Trailer and James Gunn’s new DC film slate. They also talk about “DC Titians” and “Doom Patrol” being cancelled.

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