Smallville Torch

Volume 50, Issue 45 | 2001

Students Tell The Torch Who Saves Their Day

By Pete Ross

Last week, following the many recent acts of bravery around Smallville and beyond, the Torch asked readers to tell us who their heroes are or describe what a hero is. We here at the Torchwere surprised to find a VERY LARGE stack of entries, either e-mailed to us or placed outside of the newspaper office.

Responses ranged from the serious, like one student who proclaimed that his fireman father is his hero, to the lighthearted, like the correspondent who said his hero is Britney Spears. As promised, we (we being myself and Torch editor in chief Chloe Sullivan) have picked two of our favorite responses, and we’re printing them below. Thanks to everyone who participated in our survey.

Hero #1
A hero is a person who helps and protects others, especially all those who are weaker and can’t protect themselves. A hero shows courage in the face of danger. Courage is not being unafraid all the time. It means still going on even when you are afraid. A hero does what’s right without expecting a reward. A true hero fights for justice and freedom and stands up to all those who stand in the way of other people’s happiness. He/she does what they can for all those who need it regardless of his/her personal feelings for the person who needs the hero’s help. Heroes are not necessarily extremely strong or smart or bold or famous. They don’t do heroic things to get fame or money, they do them selflessly to help those who are in need. Heroes can be firefighters, religious leaders, teachers, mentors, coaches, family members or just people who are kind. They can be anyone who helps a friend or stranger in need.


Hero #2
Whitney Fordman is DEFINITELY my hero! He leads the football team off and on the field and gives us all something to “crow” about! Plus I heard he saved Lana from that geeky bugboy who somehow managed to kidnap her. Whitney is a doll, and he’s sooo dreamy!


Note: This entry won because it made Chloe laugh so hard that soda pop shot out of her nose.

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