Smallville Torch

Volume 50, Issue 45 | 2001


By Chloe Sullivan
Illustration by Tyler Harron

Why do we come to SHS in the first place? Are we here to passively plug into a system we have no choice but to accept? Or, are we here to make our own way, clear our own path, take Frost’s less-traveled road (see: English Class)?

If we’re not strong enough to huck a football, if we can’t find pleasure in a pom-pom, where does that leave us? Well, according to the fiscal priorities of our current administration . . . virtually nowhere.

Want a lesson in priorities? Not three weeks ago, Principal Kwan told this paper that education comes first. Well, this week Principal Kwan approved funding for the refinishing of our gymnasium floor. Do you know how much that will cost? Thousands! Priority deathmatch number one: smoother gym floor vs. smarter student brain.

How about some new books for my history class, Puppet (er, I mean Principal) Kwan?! ‘Cause according to the current standard issued text, our nation’s leader is still a peanut farmer from Georgia. Are kids in the big cities as deprived as we are? Or, do we pity them for their life without decals on their football helmets? Is this some sort of conspiracy by the urban elite to keep small-town Middle America stupid and stationary?

Now to the point of all this ranting and railing. With the Internet providing us with a world of knowledge literally at our fingertips, who needs flesh-and-blood teachers and brick monuments to ignorance? Think about it! I say forget this school, forget this hypocritical administration, forget this backward-thinking town! Educate yourself–blaze your own path–start feeding your own brain.

Unfortunately, this school and this town place such a social premium on those who can shoot the three-point basket that we ostracize those who can write the thought-provoking sonnet (see: English Class, again). This could be the very heart of the problem: When did Nancy Casey ever make the front page of the Ledger for getting one hundred percent on her Algebra exam? Uh, that would be never. But Whitney Fordman passes for one hundred yards, and every Smallvillian’s reading about him with their Saturday morning coffee.

If this school and this town are not going to help us understand WHY we need to learn the Pythagorean Theorem (see: Math class) and are not going to celebrate us once we do, then I say we need to figure it out on our own. Go find the pleasure of doing so within ourselves.

Let me know what you think about the shortcomings of our current high school system. E-mail responses to Chloe.

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