Original Art

We’ve compiled a list of original art, graphics and designs all created by or for the Daily Planet.

Daily Planet’s 80th graphic

Artist Becka Kottke designed an original graphic to correlate with an article depicting the Planet’s extensive history.

The first Daily Planet Magazine

In celebration of the Daily Planet’s 80th anniversary, graphic designer Karli Kruse designed and customized an original magazine layout.

The Bluffs

Contributor Clare Cade sketched up this digital piece of artwork for one of the Daily Planet’s creative works.

Daily Planet Branding

When the Daily Planet was preparing to celebrate its 80th anniversary, it took the opportunity to completely rebrand. Karli Kruse created original graphics, a complete color palette and more, providing a unique design to DailyPlanetDC.com differentiating it from versions that came before. Karli brought an originality to the Planet.

DailyPlanetDC Logo

Inspired by Jason Sweers’ version, DailyPlanetDC members created an original take on the classic logo. It is used for this website and all their various print editions. It’s also used for branding across all titles.

Supergirl Art for Fall Magazine cover

Artist Linnéa Vidal Jalando-on composed an elegantly beautiful masterpiece for the Daily Planet’s second magazine.

Undefined Graphic

Evan Hughes designed this graphic to reside with a poem.

November 8, 2020 | Page 1
Online Edition redesign

In November 2020 Editor-in-chief Zack Benz redesigned the Daily Planet’s digital first online edition.

Daily Planet Logo

The original Daily Planet logo was designed by Jason Sweers for “Batman vs. Superman.”