Ralph Dibney and Sue Dearbon’s anniversary

August 28 is traditionally recognized as Ralph Dibney (Elongated Man) and Sue Dearborn-Dibney’s wedding anniversary. Ralph and Sue share a long lasting loving relationship that death couldn’t even tear apart. The couple met when Ralph crashed Sue’s debutante ball, using the pretense of jewel thieves to catch a glimpse of the lovely Sue. What followed was a whirlwind romance. Sue and Ralph married a short time later with Barry Allen serving as the best man. This date also marks the day Elongated Man revealed his secret identity to the world.

What followed was a life of adventures and super-heroics as Sue stuck by Ralph’s side while he traveled around the globe as part of the Justice League. This led to the various dangers associated with the lifestyle. Through it all, Sue and Ralph stuck together, even when the going got tough, eventually settling in Opal City.

In the 2006 – 2007 ’52’ comic series, Sue was brutally murdered at the hands of maddened killer, Jean Loring. A grief stricken Ralph searched the globe, powerless, looking for ways to reunite with his long lost love. Ralph eventually died and the Daily Planet’s Lois Lane and Perry White wrote a commemorative article in remembrance of the super couple.

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