Lori Lemaris’ birthday

Lori Lemaris is a fictional mermaid in DC Comics, and a romantic interest for Superman. She is from Tritonis, a city in the undersea lost continent of Atlantis, and first appeared in Superman no. 129. She was created by Bill Finger and Wayne Boring. Lori is one of several Superman characters with the alliterative initials “LL”, including Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, Lana Lang, and Lucy Lane.

In mainstream canon Clark met Lori while attending Metropolis University. The two fell in love but hid their true identities from one another. Clark eventually proposed to Lori, who subsequently rejected the farm boy in order to return home to Atlantis. Heartbroken, Clark investigated, and discovered Lori’s mermaid secret. Lori, in turn, revealed that thanks to her people’s telepathic powers, she knew that he was really Superman all along, but promised to keep the knowledge of his identity a secret. Lori also stated that since the two came from such different worlds, they could never be wed. After a parting kiss underwater, the two bid farewell to each other.

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