Green Lantern / Hal Jordan’s birthday

Test pilot Hal Jordan went from being a novelty, the first-ever human Green Lantern, to one of the most legendary Lanterns to ever wield a power ring. Today’s his birthday.

Aliases: Harold “Hal” Jordan, Highball, Parallax, The Spectre, Pol Manning

First Appearance: SHOWCASE #22, 1959

Hal Jordan’s life was changed twice by crashing aircraft. The first time was when he witnessed the death of his father, pilot Martin Jordan. The second was when, as an adult and trained pilot himself, he was summoned to the crashed wreckage of a spaceship belonging to Abin Sur. Abin explained that he was a member of the Green Lantern Corps, an organization of beings from across the cosmos, armed with power rings fueled by the green energy of all willpower in the universe. Upon his death, Abin entrusted his ring and duties as the Green Lantern of Earth’s space sector to Hal Jordan.

Hal’s life as a Green Lantern has not been easy. He’s had to fight not only enemies, but often friends, colleagues and loved ones. But despite the strain his Green Lantern identity has put on his life, Hal is an honest man who can operate without fear, and is always willing to protect those in need—whether alone, with the Corps or alongside the Justice League and Earth’s other Super Heroes. For Hal has sworn the oath of every Green Lantern—that no evil will escape his sight.


Test pilot Martin Jordan and his wife Jessica Jordan lived in Coast City with their three children: Jack (the eldest), Jim (their middle child) and Hal (the youngest). Martin flew planes for Ferris Aircraft, and Hal idolized him, hoping to become a pilot himself one day. Hal often went to Ferris in order to watch his father’s test flights. But when Hal was eight years old, he witnessed his father suffer a fatal plane crash due to mechanical failure. The memory stayed with Hal always.

Soon after joining Ferris Aircraft, Hal witnessed engineer and mechanic Tom Kalmaku being bullied and called “Pieface.” Hall defended him, and the two became close friends, though Kalmaku often complained about the risks Hal took and the damage their experimental planes took from his flights. Hal’s call sign during test flights was “Highball.”

One day an alien named Abin Sur suffered a fatal starship crash just outside of Coast City. Abin Sur was a member of the Green Lantern Corps, an intergalactic force of warriors and heroes who were each armed with a power ring (and a battery to charge it). These rings allowed them to access the emotional spectrum of the universe and harness the green energy of willpower. The rings were created by the Guardians of the Universe—ancient beings native to the planet Maltus—and each was assigned to a Green Lantern to safeguard a sector of the known universe to which they were native. Abin Sur was a native to Sector 2814 (the same space sector that Earth occupied) and, as he lay dying on Earth, he realized he had to find a new Green Lantern to replace him. Not wishing to leave the decision to chance, he commanded his ring to find him a human being nearby who was “honest and without fear.”

The ring chose two candidates of an honest nature who knew how to overcome fear and focus all their energy into cool, collected willpower: Hal Jordan and a man named Guy Gardner. As Hal was closer to Abin Sur, he was chosen. Hal was shocked when the ring brought him to Abin’s ship. The gravely alien briefly explained his purpose to Hal just before dying.

After accepting the ring, Hal went to Oa, a planet in the center of the universe. Oa acted as headquarters for the Guardians of the Universe, and housed the archives and training grounds of the Green Lantern Corps. Hal trained under Sinestro of Sector 1417 and Kilowog of Sector 674, the latter the drill sergeant of the Corps. A quick study, Hal Jordan finished his training and became the official Green Lantern of Earth and the rest of Space Sector 2814.

Hal (known to the people of Earth simply as “Green Lantern”) soon built a reputation as a formidable Super Hero and became a founding member of the Justice League.

Powers & abilities

Hal Jordan is a human being in excellent physical shape. He has military combat training and years of fighting experience. He is also a trained Air Force pilot with exceptional flying instincts and a talent for aerial combat.

Hal wields a Green Lantern ring made by the Guardians of the Universe on the planet Oa. Some consider an Oan power ring the most powerful weapon in the universe. The ring bearer’s willpower taps into the universe’s “emotional spectrum” and draws energy from the collective willpower of all sentient life, releasing it as green light and energy. This energy can create force fields, analyze matter and other forms of energy and animate solidified holograms known as “ring constructs.” The power of the ring is limited only by the user’s imagination, willpower and understanding of the goal they wish to achieve.

Each ring has an artificial intelligence interface that translates languages, provides long-range communication and accesses the Green Lantern Corps’ database. Rings can follow programmed protocols. A standard protocol is that if a ring bearer should fall, the ring will find a replacement by seeking out an inhabitant of their space sector who is honest and without fear.

A Green Lantern can also use their ring to alter their clothing and enhance their physicality. The ring can even shift the user’s body into a temporarily intangible state.

Not wishing his duties as Green Lantern to disrupt his personal life and career, Hal has added a mask to his uniform. This, along with the bright green halo that surrounds a Lantern while using their power rings, obscures his features enough to keep his identity secret.

If a Lantern is experiencing distress or rage, of if their mind has been weakened, the ring’s energy output and constructs will be unstable. If a Green Lantern can’t properly visualize what they want to achieve or does not understand the basic construction of an object or machine they’re trying to replicate with a construct, the ring will fail.

Enough energy and/or force can overwhelm and destroy a power ring. Only Oan technology and beings like the Guardians have been able to properly repair a broken power ring.

For years Green Lantern rings seemed unable to affect anything colored yellow, the color of fear. But Lanterns eventually learned that if they accepted their own capacity for fear, they could also handle yellow-colored threats.

In past years power rings automatically ran out of energy 24 hours after they were charged, regardless of the degree of use. Now the charge remains or vanishes depending on how often the ring is used and how much energy the ring bearer calls forth. Each Green Lantern has a personal battery for charging their ring. These batteries, shaped like lanterns, can be hidden in a pocket dimension until their owners summon them with their rings.

Essential storylines & history

THE SILVER AGE (1959-1970)

Over the years, Hal befriended a number of his colleagues in the Green Lantern Corps, including Tomar-Re and Katma Tui. While some were impressed with Hal’s reputation as one of the most cunning and formidable Green Lanterns, others believed he was reckless. Hal’s instinct to question authority and his dissatisfaction with being told that certain matters and secrets didn’t concern him led to repeated clashes between him and the Guardians of the Universe.

Hal and the Corps eventually fought one of the Guardians’ own people, the renegade scientist of Maltus named Krona. Krona’s forbidden experiments to discover the origins of reality resulted in the explosion of the temporal barrier, shattering the universe into infinite parallel universes–creating the Multiverse–and unleashing evil into the Cosmos through the creation of the Anti-Matter Universe. Though seemingly executed by the Guardians by being converted into energy, Krona returned several times to plague the Corps.

Hal’s greatest enemy, however, came from within the Green Lantern Corps itself. Sinestro Thaal had been a trusted friend to Abin Sur. But Sinestro had since become corrupt, seizing control of his own planet in order to ensure order through fear. Hal and the Corps turned on him, and he was put on trial for his actions and exiled to the antimatter universe of Qward, home to an alien race waging perpetual war with the Guardians and the Corps. Sinestro allied with the Qwardians and, with their help, gained a yellow ring that seemed to absorb power from Green Lantern rings. Introduced in 1961’s GREEN LANTERN #7, he swore vengeance upon the Corps and returned time and again to battle Hal Jordan.

Carol Ferris would also emerge as an enemy to Hal, though against her will. The Zamarons, natives of of the planet Maltus who had taken a different path than the Guardians, accessed the power of love from the emotional spectrum via a “star sapphire” gem. They then gave this gemstone to Carol Ferris (in 1961’s GREEN LANTERN #16), empowering her but altering her mind. She became their champion Star Sapphire, and in this identity fought Earth’s Green Lantern. Carol later regained her mind, but over the years she would repeatedly be taken over by the Star Sapphire identity.



Told he needed to put more effort into patrolling and protecting the rest of Space Sector 2814, Hal was exiled from Earth for a full year by the Guardians of the Universe (in GREEN LANTERN #151-172, 1982-1984). When he returned to Earth, Hal formally left the Justice League of America, as he couldn’t commit to the team full-time. He also decided to resign from the Corps in order to resume a normal life on Earth with Carol Ferris at his side. This decision made John Stewart the new official Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814. Later, however, Carol and Hal once again broke off their romance.

In the 1985 event CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, several Green Lanterns died, including Tomar-Re of Sector 2813. Tomar-Re’s ring chose John Stewart to be its new bearer, which allowed Hal to rejoin the Corps as Lantern for Sector 2814 (GREEN LANTERN#190-197, 1985-1986).


This Earth-based Corps soon suffered a tragedy. When they sentenced Sinestro for the latest of his terrible crimes, his consciousness entered the Central Power Battery on Oa, the machine that harnessed the emotional spectrum’s green willpower and distributed it to the Corps’ batteries and power rings. A chain of events led to Hal entering the Central Battery, where he encountered not only Sinestro but also a creature identified as the “yellow impurity” that existed in every battery and ring. The adventure ended with the Central Power Battery destroyed and only a few Green Lantern rings still functional, including Hal’s. The GL Corps disbanded, and Hal and Arisia later broke up (GREEN LANTERN CORPS #224, 1988).

Unbeknownst to Hal, the voice of this yellow impurity belonged to a creature called Parallax, the living embodiment of the yellow, fear-based power of the emotional spectrum. Secretly imprisoned within the Central Power Battery by the Guardians, Parallax stirred awake when Sinestro began using his fear-empowered ring. Now, thanks to the Central Power Battery providing energy to Hal’s personal battery and ring, Parallax stretched out its power to subtly influence Hal’s mind.

Hal continued his adventures on Earth. Eventually the Guardians of the Universe returned in full force and the Green Lantern Corps was reformed, with the return of old members and the recruitment of many newcomers, including Tomar-Re’s son Tomar-Tu. During this time, Parallax’s influence on Hal grew stronger. The hero become more hesitant, more prone to introspection and doubt, and his hair started graying prematurely.

Prompted by Hal’s return to Earth to regain “his” sector, Guy Gardner challenged Hal to a fight in which the loser was obligated to quit the Corps. Using the “rope-a-dope” maneuver, Hal tired Guy out and defeated him, earning the official mantle of Earth’s Green Lantern (GREEN LANTERN #25, 1992). Guy was true to his word about leaving the Corps, but he then partnered with Lobo to steal Sinestro’s yellow ring in order to still act as a hero on Earth.


Enraged at being punished after his many years of service, Hal fought his way through several Green Lanterns in order to access the Central Power Battery on Oa. There, Sinestro appeared, apparently resurrected and reinstated as a Lantern by the Guardians. Hal fought and killed Sinestro and then killed Kilowog, who had tried reaching out to him one last time. Convinced he’d gone too far to turn back, Hal accessed the Central Power Battery, stealing its power and rendering all Green Lantern rings powerless. In the process, Parallax possessed him. Hal emerged from the remains of the battery, now possessing incredible power. He crushed his own power ring beneath his boot before leaving Oa.

Knowing they would soon be attacked by Hal, the Guardians of the Universe decided to sacrifice their lives to ensure that at least one power ring and personal battery would remain active, guided by the Guardian named Ganthet who was chosen to survive. Ganthet repaired Hal’s ring and gave it a young Earthman named Kyle Rayner (GREEN LANTERN #49-50, 1994).

Hal, after absorbing the full power of the Guardians and emerging from the Central Power Battery, declared he was to be called Parallax. Only Ganthet understood he was now possessed by a creature of that name. Others simply assumed this was a new name Hal had selected to signify he was a new man. Hal himself didn’t realize he was under mental possession, believing he had a new point of view and had achieved mental clarity.

Guy Gardner led a team of heroes to confront Hal/Parallax, but they were defeated.


After the events of ZERO HOUR, Hal was determined to increase his power again so he could fix history. He went after Kyle Rayner in order to take back his power ring, but then thought better of it and gave the young man his blessing to be the new Green Lantern. The experience also led to Hal seeing himself through Ganthet’s eyes, and Hal was humbled by the man he used to be in comparison to the person he had become (GREEN LANTERN #63-64, 1995).

During the 1996 event FINAL NIGHT, all life on Earth was threatened by a creature known as a Sun-Eater. Kyle Rayner sought Hal Jordan to help defeat him. Hal then used all his power to simultaneously reignite the sun and absorb the Sun-Eater into himself. He died in the process, and many of his former colleagues forgave him for losing his way as Parallax, satisfied he had redeemed himself through his sacrifice.

Hal’s spirit wandered limbo until the 1999 event DAY OF JUDGMENT—in which the angel of vengeance known as the Spectre needed to bond with a new soul to guide its powers and judgment. The Spectre bonded with Hal, declaring that his soul needed to be redeemed and could do so as its new host. Hal accepted, hoping to be not an angel of vengeance but an angel of redemption.

BACK TO BASICS (2005-2011)

The Guardians restarted the Green Lantern Corps while Hal, free of fearful influence for the first time in years, became a hero again in the newly rebuilt Coast City, California. Under the Corps’ new regulations, each sector of space was assigned two Green Lanterns rather than one. Kyle Rayner and Guy Gardner remained on Oa to help with recruitment and training of new Green Lanterns, working alongside the resurrected Kilowog. Hal Jordan and John Stewart were both assigned to Sector 2814. Hal Jordan was designated Green Lantern 2814.1 and Stewart was designated Green Lantern 2814.2. The Green Lantern Corps also created their own internal affairs unit, composed of Lanterns who were turned into cyborg Alpha Lanterns.

Meanwhile, Hal and the Green Lantern Corps discovered that others were accessing the remaining powers and emotions of the emotional spectrum. Ganthet left the Guardians to found the Blue Lantern Corps, which utilized the power of hope. A secret Indigo Tribe using the power of compassion was revealed to have been formed years ago by Abin Sur. A creature named Larfleeze possessed the single orange lantern ring empowered by avarice. The alien Atrocitus created a Red Lantern Corps empowered by rage. And Sinestro raised an army of fear-empowered soldiers he called the Sinestro Corps. At different times, Hal Jordan temporarily wielded a Blue Lantern ring (learning that Ganthet had originally intended him to lead the Blue Lantern Corps) and an Orange Lantern ring.

Hal and the Corps fought in major battles during 2005’s INFINITE CRISIS, 2007’s SINESTRO CORPS WAR and 2008’s FINAL CRISIS.


The many Lantern Corps of the emotional spectrum ceased their rivalries and banded together against the Black Lanterns. After several battles, Hal Jordan bonded with an entity representing the full power of the entire emotional spectrum, becoming a White Lantern, capable of destroying the Black Lanterns’ main power battery. Hal then recruited several of Earth’s heroes into a temporary White Lantern Corps, and together they defeated Nekron. Hal then resurrected William Hand so the villain could be punished, no longer able to access the Black Lantern power–his link to Nekron severed. Hal and the White Lantern entity then separated, with Hal and the other heroes of the White Lantern Corps returning to their normal states. The Blackest Night had ended, and it was followed by another event, the “Brightest Day,” in which twelve newly resurrected heroes and villains learned about the White Lantern power and sought to discover the secrets behind their new chance at life.


During 2011’s “War of the Green Lanterns,” Hal, Kyle, Guy, John, Carol Ferris and others defied the Guardians of the Universe and the Green Lantern Corps, all of whom had been temporarily corrupted by Krona and Parallax. During this time, Hal used a Sinestro Corps ring and encountered the technology of the earliest Green Lanterns. Hal also inspired Sinestro to join the fight, which led to him returning to the Green Lantern Corps.

NEW 52 (2011-2016)

In the wake of the War of the Green Lanterns, Hal Jordan’s ring was rescinded by the Guardians, who considered him too dangerous and rebellious. Simon Baz took his place as one of the Green Lanterns of Sector 2814.

Hal attempted to start a new life on Earth. But Sinestro arrived and used his own Green Lantern ring to create a copy for Jordan to use. After aiding Sinestro in freeing his home planet Korugar from its control by the Sinestro Corps, Hal returned to Earth, took a new job at Ferris Aircraft and restarted his relationship with Carol anew (GREEN LANTERN #1-6, 2011).

The Guardians of the Universe decided that the Green Lantern Corps, like the first army of protectors they had created—the Manhunters—was too flawed to be trusted. In their eyes, Green Lanterns were fueled by will and thus too many were rebellious. A Third Army would be created, of warriors with no individual will, and their first task would be to aid in the expulsion of the most dangerous Lanterns, including Sinestro and Hal Jordan.

In order to create their Third Army, the Guardians needed to retrieve the First Lantern Volthoom, the first Lantern to access the power of the emotional spectrum, from his imprisonment in The Chamber of Shadows. They used Volthoom’s cosmic power to create the Third Army from the Oans’ own flesh. Volthoom ultimately escaped from Oa, reabsorbed his power from the Third Army, and began a mission to feed on the emotional turmoil of his enemies.  

Hal and Sinestro joined forces against Volthoom as he fed on other Lanterns’ emotional energy and grew in power. Hal took control of a Black Lantern ring and raised an army of the undead against Volthoom. In the end, Hal prevailed and officially became a Green Lantern again. Sinestro then rejoined the Sinestro Corps and, despite Hal’s efforts to stop him, killed most of the Guardians of the Universe for their corrupt actions. As they parted ways, Hal wondered if he and Sinestro had ever actually been friends during their weeks as allies. Sinestro remarked that the real tragedy was that they had always been friends (GREEN LANTERN #16-20, 2013).


Hal has continued to serve as a Green Lantern with honor, spending much of his time in space. During one recent adventure, he was briefly trapped in Emerald Space, another dimension serving as an afterlife for many Lanterns. While there, he reunited with his predecessor Abin Sur (HAL JORDAN AND THE GREEN LANTERN CORPS #9, 2017).

Team affiliations

  • United States Air Force
  • Green Lantern Corps
  • Justice League International
  • Justice League of America
  • Red Lantern Corps
  • White Lantern Corps

Appearances in other media


Main Character

Live Action:

  • • Legends of the Superheroes


  • • The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure
  • • Super Friends
  • • Challenge of the Super Friends
  • • The Legendary Super Powers Show
  • • The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians
  • • Green Lantern: The Animated Series
  • • Justice League Action

Guest Appearances/Cameos


  • • Superman: The Animated Series
  • • Justice League Unlimited
  • • Duck Dodgers
  • • The Batman
  • • Young Justice
  • • Batman: The Brave and the Bold
  • • DC Super Hero Girls


Live Action

  • Green Lantern


  • Green Lantern: First Flight
  • Green Lantern: Emerald Knights
  • Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths
  • Justice League: Doom
  • Justice League: War
  • Justice League: Throne of Atlantis
  • DC Comics Super Heroes – Justice League vs. Bizarro League
  • DC Comics Super Heroes – Justice League: Attack of the Legion of Doom
  • DC Comics Super Heroes – Justice League: Cosmic Clash

Guest Appearances/Cameos


  • Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox
  • The LEGO Movie
  • The LEGO Movie 2
  • The LEGO Batman Movie
  • The Death of Superman


  • Batman: The Brave and the Bold – The Videogame
  • DC Universe Online 
  • Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters
  • Infinite Crisis 
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us 
  • Injustice 2
  • Justice League Heroes 
  • Justice League Task Force
  • The LEGO Movie Video Game
  • LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes
  • LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham
  • Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe
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