George Reeves’ birthday

American Actor George Reeves was born Jan. 5, 1914 as George Keefer Brewer in Woolstock, Iowa. Reeves is probably one of the better known performers to take on the iconic mantle of Superman. Reeve’s first played the comic book character in the 1951 film “Superman & The Mole Men” and later went on to play the Metropolis Marvel for six years in the popular television series “Adventures of Superman.” (1952-1958)

For many, George Reeves was Superman. He made guest appearances, most notably on “I Love Lucy’s” Lucy and Superman episode, posed with fans of all ages and represented the character in life. Unfortunately, Reeves died from a gunshot wound at 45. His death remains a controversial subject with the official finding being suicide. Some believe that he was murdered or was the victim of an accidental shooting.

Even though George shares a similar last name as Superman Icon Christopher Reeve, the two are not related.

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