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Sonic 2: Racing past sequel expectations


“Sonic The Hedgehog 2” is everything that a sequel should always strive for. “Sonic 2” did just that with the principle of hitting the ground running while fleshing out the story to feel expansive, committing to world-building, introducing the established lore without bogging down the narrative of the film, and compromising the spirit of the franchise. 


‘The Adam Project:’ A love letter to 80s sci-fi


“The Adam Project” is a love letter to timeless classics, such as Steven Spielberg’s “ET” and Robert Zemeckis’s “Back To The Future,” while rekindling the childhood aspiration of being called to adventure through narratives and tales of fictional imagination centered around diamond absolutes and leaves one wondering if your future is the one you truly envision.

 Boba Fett unites Tatooine to take on the Pykes


The Season Finale of “The Book of Boba Fett” saw a former hired gun take responsibility over the welfare of people under him, a father reunite with his son, and a planet’s people take up arms against a criminal organization that wanted to use it for its own selfish purposes. This episode was also about closure between the former hired gun and another from his past.