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Damned censorship


With the second issue of “Batman: Damned” looming on the horizon, I feel the need to go back and discuss the first issue featuring the first appearance of the “Bat Wang,” which DC Comics later covered up. It really opened up an old wound with me: censorship.

Traveling in search for a better life


“There’s no space for them.” “We can’t feed them.” “We already have problems the way it is.” All of these phrases have been said by the United States president, Donald Trump, since the start of his presidential campaign in 2016. Recently, these have also been said by the very people who complained about these affirmations the most: Mexicans.

A cover worth 1,000 words


“The Amazing Spider-Man no. 50”, published in July 1967, changed my life. I was born in 1972 and I didn’t even know this storyline existed until 1981. I saw this cover by Romita & Demeo and I had to have it- not the story, the cover.

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