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‘Joyland’ (2022): A review 


My exposure to indie films comes primarily through the Oscars, film festivals and the social media accounts that strive to introduce something different to the mainstream world.

‘Blue Beetle:’ A family-filled adventure that reignites the DCU


Warner Bros and DC Studios have secured and finally acquired the critical summer sleeper they longed all year for. “Blue Beetle” is a visually grand achievement, all brought forth by Director Ángel Manuel Soto, who proudly celebrates the Latino community while creating a memorable experience for everyone centered around the importance of family, exemplifying how our choices shape our character.

‘Barbie’ by Greta Gerwig: A masterful & worthy adaptation of the beloved toy

Adapting an established Intellectual Property (IP), book or game for the big screen or TV requires a level of dedication and sincerity that few creators can achieve. Understanding the essence of the source material and how it resonates with the audience is key to a successful adaptation. Fortunately, Greta Gerwig’s rendition of Barbie is a shining example of this, avoiding the pitfalls that often plague such experiments. 

Dawn of the new era of DC faces an eclipse with Black Adam

After decades of struggling between a realistic setting with films like Christopher Nolan’s the Dark knight trilogy, “Watchmen,” Zack Snyder’s Superman trilogy, Matt Reeves’ Batman universe, Todd Phillips’ “Joker” and Marvel formulated camps like “Aquaman,” Alan Smithe’s “Suicide Squad” and R rated flicks like “Birds of Prey” and “The Suicide Squad,” DC has finally shifted it’s path and ushered towards a new era of fictional universe with the first film of phase 1 — “Black Adam.”

‘Black Adam’ electrifies: A spoiler free review

Director Jaume Collet-Serra showcases the morality of our favorite heroes while peeling back the sorrow-stricken pain of Black Adam, who has never been given his chance to shine until now. Most notably, the film works its best when every character is given a choice while traversing the gray confinement of good and evil. 

Astraverse: A cinematic dawn to experience


Ayan Mukerji is among the big names in mainstream Bollywood, despite having only two films to his name prior to Brahmastra. Both have received critical acclaim and are popular with audiences. His directorial debut, “Wake up Sid,” cemented his place in Bollywood by demonstrating his ability to create characters with dreams and ambitions, as well as the perfect emotional setting.

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