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Poetry is a form of expression. Writing it lets people release their feelings and thoughts on a subject. Reading and publishing it encourages us to connect and find meaning in our own experiences. We offer this opportunity to everyone on the planet. Here you'll find what people have shared.

A text from Karen’s sister

The following is a form of artistic expression and contains some strong language. The Daily Planet prides itself on being a constructive outlet that allows individuals a chance to use their voice.

Sparks of Passion

Flames ignite and thawThe frozen heart cast awayDrifting in the voidSparks of Passion actAs a beacon of the bondBorn from the warm soulLove is like winterWaiting to blanket the worldIn a coat of truth

A Distant Memory

Remember the time when life was so simpleThe sky was crystal clear with hints of sequin blueThe sun would rise signaling birth on the horizonA purpose of adventure could be found in the soul of loved onesMemories were being forged over conversationTime would just slow down at the right instanceNot a fear or care in the worldThen the days would melt into monthsMonths into yearsAnd so onThe flow of time was at a constant pacePictures remain littered around homesBearing souls of a forgotten eraThe walls had the purpose of being a lock-boxConcealing the tongue of the denizens lost to timeAlas


The fire feels so warm tonightThe extent and potency of the heat was so intenseIt could keep you warmAll winter long even in the coldest environmentThe cold icy chill of death wouldn’t be able to reach the toasty soul residing in oneEmbers were sprining to life from the palace of the pitLaughter could be heard in the distance A perfect scene was unfoldingA image was painted before the glossy eyesOf everyone sipping away the fears of realityOne constant remained though The ripe color transitioning from a deep bright orange to a crisp yellow It was truly a sight to see However the minute other

Choices by Brendan Rooney

Have you ever thought about who will come after you when your gone Your soul purged of all sin Purity in full force getting rid of the guilt bound to your heart Have you ever thought about how your kids will grow and blossom like flowersBudding and thriving with potential Knowing they carry your genes  Have you ever thought about family Blood or non Have you ever thought about the bonds with friends Do you wonder if your friends will leave If your heart starts to decay If your tongue oozes lies Have you ever wondered about the connection of morality Between those closest and chained to your heart Have you ever strived

The Simplicity of Humanity

A mask is an object of life and personalityA Persona is hidden underneath the course driven materialA design could be imprinted on either the front or the inside of the objectA soul can be tainted from the diction of lies that one spews in their lifeA Lie could bind and sew the stitches of hypocrisyThe ideal of hypocrisy seeps into the skin of the individualA truth is vital to extinguish the sovereign of tears being drained from the heartA choice can also dispel away the blood stained memories attached to usAn Innocence resides on the scale of purity chained to