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Annual NYC Halloween Parade Canceled


The Village Halloween Parade will not be held this Halloween due to COVID-19 concerns.


Coronavirus chaos continues


Continued reports of the spread of the novel coronavirus has sparked immense concern across the globe. There are currently 77,654 confirmed cases across the planet with over 20,772 of which being recovered patients. The virus has reportedly killed 2,359 people.

Pregnant characters carry a life of their own


Lately, on my TV binges and highly anticipated week-to-week shows, I cannot help but  notice a trend: a trend of strong, badass pregnant women. This representation is not one that many people may think about and this surprised me. There is so much stigma toward pregnant women in the media. While in said media they are most often looked up to as strong and important for carrying a life within them, characters’ actions toward them show the opposite.

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