The Bluffs

The following is a creative piece.

The Parker farm sits on a quiet stretch of the North Hillview Blacktop that runs along the west side of the Illinois River bluffs. It sits tucked into a five-acre opening in the cliffs with, what was once called Elmer’s Cut Road running along the south end of the property, heading east up into the bluffs. The Parker’s home sits almost dead center of the opening. Built in the 1950s, its solid brick ranch-style architecture combined with a glass A-frame in the middle, gives off a feeling that the house is gazing outward at the sprawling river bottom to the west. There is an original homestead that rests on the south end of the farm, just off of Elmer’s Cut.  A 19th century, two-story white farmhouse with black shutters, and a wrap around porch that hugs around two-thirds of the house.  The later, the Parker’s rent out to a young family by the name of Byers, who have a young boy the same age as their son Joshua, named Oliver.

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Adam’s Ambo: In memoriam of Stan’s Soapbox

The following is strictly opinion. All statements, comments and/or remarks are the author’s own.  

I’ve been behind the times slightly. Just this weekend I finally found the time (and money) to go into my Local Comic Shop and clear out my pull that has been neglected since Black Friday. It left me with a big stack of goodies and an even bigger hole in my bank account, but that’s another point all together.

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Exit Eric M. Esquivel

Recent allegations against comic book scribe Eric M. Esquivel from former friend Cynthia Naugle have prompted DC Comics to cancel his new series Border Town, which had a successful launch on DC’s Vertigo imprint. DC also removed his name from the solicitations of future issues of Nightwing. DC has also stated that issues #1 through 4 of Border Town have also been made returnable.

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