Online Editions from the 2010’s

Online Editions from the 2010’s


Originally, e-edition’s had no structured layout. Designs coincided with the amount of content produced. Our first volume of issues saw a multitude of headlines ranging from social media role play interviews (Accounts portraying pop culture icons) to breaking news reports from hit shows and movies. A number of articles were also based in reality and our first full fledged interview with an advocacy group took place.


2015 was a time of great expansion for the Daily Planet and our e-editions are responsible for a majority of that success. Guest content contributors began producing for us, interviews were landed and a more recognizable layout was established.


2016 saw the “Dawn of Justice” and the start of @DailyPlanetDC. Due to exceeding recognition our name change wasn’t too difficult to process. We wanted our username to be as indistinguishable as our source of inspiration, DC Comics’ Daily Planet. Our e-editions also adapted to this philosophy and morphed into something “straight from the source.”


2017 saw a massive influx of e-editions as more outside contributions flowed in. Most of this years articles were fiction based centered around the DC Extended Universe.


2018 was a more mellow year for @DailyPlanetDC, only three issues were created. This was the year “e-editions'” title transitioned into “online editions.” Our website also launched in 2018.


Recycle, its still good for the planet even when the newspaper you’re reading is 100 percent digital. 2019 was the year @DailyPlanetDC was “shadow banned” on Twitter so production of online editions slowed until the ban was lifted later that year.

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